Autopilot in default Aircraft like C208 do not keep selected altitude since sim update 7

Has anyone also observed that otherwise previously (before the last SIM Update 7) stable aircraft with autopilot did not hold the altitude well, especially if you had previously climbed with VS? The altitude is overrun, so to speak, and then the autopilot hardly or not at all settles down to the target altitude. Observed with the C208, among others.

Why would you climb with VS in the C208? It’s got FLC capabilities.

I just flew a little over an hour trip today. First at 9,000, then up to 13,000’. Didn’t have any problems. What I’ve noticed is that as you get close to your target altitude, the AP will become less and less aggressive.

Because VS mode should work too ! :slight_smile:
Even FLC is an alternative - before the last simupdate all was working fine. Why it will be broken every update (can tell you several other issues)…

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Hi @FlyingNautiker
I tested the 208 with multiple altitude changes using VS, and don’t seem to be seeing the issue you described. I’m using a purely stock sim/aircraft. Are you using a mod on your aircraft?
None of my climbs overshot the target altitude, but there was a noticeable slowing of the climb rate as it neared the desired altitude (which is normal).
Are there any other specifics you can identify about the situations you’ve been in when you observed this reaction?

You haven’t mentioned if you’re using the Working Title NXi (0.9.0) mod or not, with this I’ve not noticed any such behaviour like you’re experiencing.

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Works fine for me with C-208 mod and WT GS1000 NXi, but I use FLC mode, I have never tried VS mode in aircrafts with modern avionics.

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You may want to see this topic. It has a good explanation as to why this is happening.

See the link above and you’ll understand why it happens in some G1000 planes and not others. It depends on whether the AP is controlled by the G1000 directly, or if it’s an external AP unit like on the C208 or SR-22 for example.

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I use a C208 improvement mod, also Garmin working title mods .

Also the GNT 750 mod.

I use the WoT GS1000 NXi mod too…

Thanks. I suspect it’s one of the mods, but I have no idea which one, as I don’t use any of those. You might check the WT thread, or their discord, and see if that’s a common issue with the current version of the mod.

It’s not a mod. It’s a bug in the sim. See the link I posted a few posts up.

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