Autopilot is possessed?


ALT hold seems to go wherever it likes
HDG hold jumps to a different than set heading when activated

tested several times… would like verification from someone else before submitting a bug report… thanks!

I just spent about an hour in the X-Cub testing the GPS/Heading options, and the Alt/VS options and didn’t notice any issues.
Plane went directly to the Heading hold bug course as soon as AP activated, and VS went to desired altitude when activated.
I’ve attached two screenshots, one shows the X-Cub tracking the GPS, and then I put it in “heading” mode, and the second shot shows it turning toward the heading bug. (it did stop and track on the desired heading I had set).
I initially set the desired altitude and VS to 500, and let it climb to 3000’, and after it leveled, changed the desired altitude to 4500’ and VS to 500 and it climbed normally and leveled off at the desired altitude.
If you could either post a video showing the setup when the issue occurs, or at least some screenshots of the problem, it would help.
Hopefully you’ve resolved the issue (since it’s been a while since you’ve posted this issue).
I don’t have any mods on the plane or AP.

Not enough information in this post to even open up a ticket, unless you’re planning to add more details. Type aircraft? Scenario information?

I should have closed this already. Tragically over-extended that day.

IF anyone experiences this issue, reboot (shutdown-restart may not work) with all your MSFS peripherals plugged in.

Sorry for your waisted time @Habu2u2 and @CasualClick! Please accept my apology and thank you for having a look.


Closed at OP request.