Autopilot not flying level

I’m definitely going fast enough. I engage AP when I feel like everything was fine with take-off (if that makes sense) once I feel established in the air then I engage it. I don’t set crazy vertical speeds either. When I set my desired altitude and vertical speed it does exactly what I want it’s just the heading that doesn’t work I’ve watched YouTube videos and did exactly as them but it’s just not working at this point I’m just gonna uninstall the simulator and reinstall hoping that will help

Delete the waypoints you already passed. Thats why it banks, its trying to go back to the previous waypoints you didnt follow precisely on the line

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That’s what I thought so I started doing flights without way points just a straight shot from one airport to the next and it’s till did it. Then I didn’t set anything and just tried heading hold but it didn’t work

Not sure if this will work for you, but I adjusted my “sensitivity settings” by giving my joystick a little bit more “dead zone”. I didn’t touch any of those settings when my autopilot was rolling over but I guess after adjusting that setting, my airliners and business jets AP were a little more stable. Only thing I’m trying to figure out is how not to trigger the dolphin effect during flight.

HUH weird…maybe u can just reload the planes instead of doing the whole sim… I dunno might save you some time that way… good luck

When you did a straight shot did the fmc have the USER waypoint?

It might be an idea to post a screenshot of your PFD when your going in circles. The shots below were taken in a Beechcraft Baron during a VFR straight flight. It followed my commands perfectly, no uncontrolled banking as you are experiencing.

The first is with AP & NAV set to follow the flight plan:

The second was when I switched to HDG, still with AP on.

Any significant differences might be an an indication of what’s going wrong. In particular, is the status bar at the top the same (showing HDG AP etc in green)?

I’m not sure how to post a picture but everything in my PFD is green the hdg, AP, and it says the ALT but just turn in circles and I’m not really sure why all the planes are doing it. Could I just not know how to use AP?

Have same issue but worse. Random dives off course. Won’t follow magenta line. AI bounces takeoffs and trim not correct etc.

That sounds OK.

One possibility is your joystick has an offset. Even if the autopilot is selected, if there is an input from the joystick, the joystick will take precedence.

In the main menu, go to Options, then Controls and select the joystick (or “USB Game Controller” it’s called on my system ). Click on the Sensitivity (on the left). Mine looks like this:

Moving the joystick to the left/right, a dot will appear on the left graph, and a bar will appear:

If the dot or the bar is present before you move the joystick, then there is a zero offset. If so, you can adjust the Dead Zone to compensate (if it’s because the joystick is a bit slack), otherwise calibrate your joystick in Windows.

Let us know how you get on.

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Holy ■■■■ trust worked I can’t believe that was the problem this whole time I literally can’t thank you enough

Glad to help!

Now enjoy your flying.