Autopilot not following flight plan

Might be a stupid question but when you set your flight plan in world map did you select a GPS flight plan ? If so I’m not sure that the auto pilot will follow the route.

Make a flight plan and set it up as ifr low or high Airways flight plan. Choose your cruising altitude set that in your altimeter and then arm nav mode once you take off turn the auto pilot on and that will follow the route of your flight plan. You have to make the altitude changes in the altimeter autopilot section as your going along to adjust altitude but then you can use vs mode to lower and higher your plane as you wish.

This helped me a lot!!!

@ TryingSquire06,

I too had the same problem too. Have you tried switching to Cessna Citation Longitude, set up a flight plan, you request pushback instead of the AI pilot, stop the pushback, then have the AI pilot takeover for the take-off by switching him on, and after take-off, turn him off and engage the FD (Flight Director) button, the VS (Vertical Speed) button, the VNAV (Vertical Navigation) button, the NAV (Navigation) button and then the AP (Automatic Pilot) button? The aircraft should now follow the flight plan you set up in World Map. I too had several failed flights before I stumbled on this. Hope it helps. Hope to see you in the air! :slight_smile:

PS - Also if you are approaching an airport and you are landing there, just hit the APP (Approach) button. Haven’t tried it out yet, but I will soon. Flying from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Frankfurt Am Main (EDDF) via flying over London, the Cliffs of Dover, Lille and Namur.

PPS - Apparently, if you hit the APP button, it disengages the NAV button. I am now approaching Frankfurt.

Same problem, and my solution was to quit the MSFS and restart it. It worked and was able to follow GPS.

I have the same issue with the 787, I have this issue every single flight I do after takeoff. Once in the air I basically have to correct the flight following manually until the aircraft finally catches the flight path. Its definitely a big bug that needs to be fixed. I use LNAV and the first turn it makes to catch the flight path never works, it banks so hard and will continue to turn unless you manually correct. But like I said once I correct it a few times it will catch and my flight is good after that.