Autopilot not working properly in External View

Currently there is an open beta (test version) of Sim Update 13 out for testing. So some folks are in the “test” version of the sim, which includes some of the things that will be included with Sim Update 13, and some people are still in the last official release of the sim. If you’re unsure which version you have, you can click on your player icon in the sim, and it will show what version of the sim you’re using. The latest Beta version is The last official version I remember was
But the basic point was, the problem with the autopilot in external view seems to be fixed in the Beta/test version, but the problem still exists in the last official release, and should be corrected when sim update 13 is released (tentatively scheduled for 21 September).

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Thanks for the good response and clarification @Habu2u2. I think his response might have answered my question… :grin:

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After check, my version 8s So will wait for the next upgrade !
Thanks for the information

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

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Yes, I have exactly the same issue in every plane. Especially irritating when flying a bush trip.

Hi Euphonist,

Have you tried opting into the SU13 beta? The changes in this update have resolved the problem for me and other users who had reported the same issue.

I’m not in the beta but on the last 2 flights, one VFR one IFR, the problem didn’t re-occur.

Using the beta now. Version shown is
And … yes it is working. At first my LitleNavMap crashed. So, I went back to the normal version.
The next day I set the beta again, started up the LittleNavMap adn everythig is working fine now.

Excellent, very pleased to hear it!

This is happening to me and I am running premium MS2020 Cessna 208, Baron 58, and others most likely.

this is excactly what happens when I fly as well (not using FS2020 beta)

You could try joining the beta maybe, to see if the already prepared changes for SU13 will resolve the issue for you? The beta is coming towards it’s end, so the current beta build is presumably very close to what will be released as SU13.
If you don’t want to join the beta, the sim update next week should fix the issue for you.

I would love to, but I host a weekly event and wouldn’t see anybody, so it will not work. but good thought ill wait to the update comes out

A work around that many have found to be effective is outlined in Autopilot not working properly in External View - #92 by PingNZ

Hi, after the update on last 21rst of septembre, version is still…and so the autoplilot issue still there…!

Update has been put back to 28 September. That on 21st was a minor update for Airac.

Thanks for this info ! Waiting for 28th !

They come up with updates, but there are a few bugs they never address, such as, When you talk to ATC, during a flight it’s a matter of time before you can’t hear the tower, but you can hear your co-pilot talk to them, you have to go and read the text to see what the tower said to your aircraft, that has been a bug sense this sim came out, think it’s time they fix this…

Also Bug 2 that i notice now, flying the 787-10 Dreamliner, all of a sudden, your Digital Speed selection changes from Knots, to Mach, for no reason, this is totally annoying, they need to fix that as well…
Not sure when they are planning to fix this but, it’s really annoying…

What you may be seeing for your “bug 2” may be when the aircraft passes the “crossover altitude” (normally between FL 250 and 300) it will automatically change from airspeed to Mach numbers.

No this happens even at ALT 12,000 or 16,000 feet, it’s a bug because i press the button to change from Knots to Mach, and nothing happens and some times it brings it back to knots than a couple minutes later it goes back to Mach, it’s a bug.

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Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now