Autopilot problem

Hey guys what am I doing wrong when selecting auto pilot when flying 320?

Basically manually take off and reach a decent altitude then apply auto pilot when in direction of flight path but it constantly makes the plane fly into a spin. This has never happened before so what am I doing wrong?

Did you preset the altitude, navigation source or correct heading, speed, etc prior to engaging the autopilot? If all you did was take off, point the plane in a general direction and punch on the AP, that’s not going to end well and could be the cause of your issue.

I’m assuming you are using a joystick. Ensure you have a dead zone set as this seems to be a common issue especially with the A320. I have seen at least one other post resolved by this.

This particular flight I just started at the end of runway ‘ready to fly’
So I presumed that was automatically put in for me.

Yes I am using a joystick. How is it possible to set a dead zone? Thanks

Starting on the runway doesn’t automatically set up your AP. It just sets your plane up to fly for manual flight. The AP you have to set manually. The flight plan itself in terms of departure, waypoints, arrival, etc may be in the FMS, but the other settings are up to you.

Okay thank you for your reply. I’ll try again this evening and see what happens.

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You may want to check out some tutorial videos on YouTube on how to use the avionics and AP in the A320.

Yes I will do.

Click on Controls options, select your joystick at the top of the next screen then the sensitivity tab on the left. Move your stick forward and back and left and right to confirm what axis they are listed as then move the dead zone slider for each. Try starting with 5%. Once this is done you must click Apply and Save at the bottom of the screen or your new settings will not be saved - i’m speaking from experience!
Hope this solves your problem.

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Did you go through the checklists? Did you start cold & dark at the gate or directly on the runway? You need to prepare the plane for the flight properly. Here’s a good tutorial: Real Airbus Pilot Takeoff Tutorial! A320 NEO in Microsoft Flight Simulator Basics - YouTube

I started directly at the runway.
Before I used to take-off get the plane in the direction of the flight path, select the altitude and then apply auto pilot and it would be fine.
Now when I select auto pilot it’s like the plane wants to return to airport ive just taken off from and then gets into a spin.

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