Autopilot questions?

Hey guys,

sorry maybe i am just a noob, but in several planes, from airliners to turboprop, the autopilot is not working properly. For example a320n i put everything in the fms, i take off, i activate AP and do planned AT and Speed, but nothing works, for example speed just goes and goes, even if i activate it 3 times again even if i do manually put in speed.

for ALT its a little better but i have the feeling, sometimes it deactivates just like that…

For the A320 auto-thrust to work, the thrust levers need to be no further than the “climb” gate. You can see there’s a zone printed on the side of the thrust controllers that reads “A/THR.” That is correct for the aircraft.

Were you already doing that or…?

For the autopilot in the A320 there is more than just setting speed. You also need to set the throttle levers to CL (CLimb detent) and programming the MCDU with some proper information.

sorry i am a newbie but thanks for your infos, very helpful

Happy to help, and no worries being new to things. But wouldn’t it good to ask these questions first and acknowledge maybe not having the complete picture before going off with “Autopilot sucks? Why bring out a game that’s so badly programmed?”

Plenty of things to be critical about, but this probably isn’t one of them.

yes you are right, maybe i was to frustrated