Autopilot Questions

I have just taken a video by Squirrel but before I try it have some questions:

  1. Are there known issues using the 172 G1000?
  2. Can the panels be moved to a separate monitor. I have 4 but am only using 1 for MS 2020?
  3. Can I display the flight plan I created with Little Nav Map showing my progress on a separate monitor?
  4. Can I do this display using GPS maps?

Thanks in advance,

Otrman AKA Henry

Your separate questions have been answered in other threads. Recommend taking them one at a time through the search engine on the board. :wink:

Warning, you will get a lot of contrary responses on No. 1. My suggestion to you is - fly the heck out of the bird and come to your own conclusions before reading the threads.

And, get yourself the G1000 mod from Working Title team. You will be thankful you did.

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I’m only working with one monitor, so I don’t know how well this works but, you can hold down RIGHT ALT and then drag the panel with a left-click to pop it out.

Yes, but prepare for a huge FPS hit with each panel you move to another screen.

I don’t see a frame hit when I pop out the panels, but I rarely do it anyway - especially for the G1000. The alt-click method only brings out the screen itself, not the entire gauge. If there’s no touch-screen function, then all you have is a monitor. If you need to click something, you still have to click inside the cockpit. Popping out the G3000 or G3X still lets you use the touch functions on the popped screens.

I would like to try popping out the panels. I have 3 monitors and do this easily with XP 11 and would like to be able to try it. What is the process to do it?

I am using LNM to create a tour of Ireland. I tried the same idea with XP using both standard scenery and X-Europe. When I tried the same thing with MS 2020 the scenery looked much more robust so I would like to set up the tour using MS flying the Cessna as a sightseer - low and slow. I heard a rumor that MS is/was going to replace Bing scenery with Google Earth. Anyone hear anything about this?

Is there anyway I can use the Google map that I use in LNM to track my progress? Is there anyway I can cause my tour points of interest to appear as a message on the screen advising me of my approach? When I fly in 3 screen mode with XP sometimes a point of interest appears slightly off the flight path and I would like to manually correct to fly closer to a point of interest.

I know it is a lot of questions - any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Otrman AKA Henry