Autopilot settings impossible to use now after SU3

Just went to set up an IFR flight and the altitude selector will only work in increments of 1000 and heading in 10. It used to be that the mouse would do 1000/10 and clicking on either side of the knob would do 100 and 1 respectively.

This means I CANNOT set up levels and headings for autopilot / fmc at all.

This is a show-stopper IMO.

OK. Seems not the sim - Following another reply I switched off my Logitech flight panel. Clearly that is the issue as I now get 100s and 1s with mouse scroll or click. I will flag on Logitech forums but clearly SU3 has triggered a different behaviour.

To Clarify - This is on CJ4 - both WT and stock. Skyhawk seemed ok to me but CJ is unusable. I removed every mod from my system and restarted with stock CJ4 - impossible to set alt in anything other than 1000 increments.

Please check the following topic if you can get some tips and workarounds out of it

Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained

Update - after many hours testing I have isolated the issue to the TCA quadrant. I have mapped the engine switches on the quadrant to enable CJ4 engine starts like on the A320. Worked fine till SU3. Engines still start but with the switch ON the alt increments in 1000 and with it off increments in 100… I can’t help thinking it’s related to a comment in the SU£ patch notes about changing one event to set from toggle as that appears related…

My issue is that on ground you get single digits changes on HDG, etc and 100 on ALT, but as soon as you took off you have 10 degrees on HDG and 1000 on ALT.
Before I could in flight differentiate between using mouse wheel and mouse click, but that is gone

May be worth considering if you have any external hardware bound to fuel or starter switches as that’s the root cause of my issue. If I load the tca profile for cj4 and change alt I see the issue as soon as I flip the fuel switch on the quadrant even without the starter. Until MS revert the event behaviour or I admit defeat and use spad next to control peripherals I just start engines the old fashioned way.