Autopilot thrust controlling on the plane it never exists?

Dear Simmers

Latest days I found my autopilot started controlling engine at my Diamond DA40, which never happened before… Does it suppose to be this way or it’s malfunction?
I fly DA40, have DA40 mod installed, G1000 NXI upgrade, and MSFUI for remapping some keys (actually fuel transfer key is what I needed it for). And now I’m not sure - is it normal for autopilot to control power (for example when approaching with GS at autopilot mode it reducing engine as needed for normal descend). Even when I switch off AP it never get back more then 15-30% with lever fully on. but if I turn off AP before GS - everything works great…

Please advice

Thanks in advance

I wonder if you have AI Assist or Co-Pilot turned on…

All assists are off. Just now tried Cessna 152 - it works normally, strange behaviour only at DA40

Remove the DA40 mod, and see if it still happens.
It “may” also be the MSFUI app, try without that if it isn’t the mod.

Look like it helps!! Thanks a lot, after reinstalling all addons from scratch everything seems working properly!!!

Thanks a lot, friends

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