Autopilot vs AI piloting

Hi, what is the difference between autopilot and AI piloting?
Autopilot so stupid,AI piloting is nice.

Difference is quite significant. Autopilot is real life automation system that is helping to fly aircraft. Flight sim is simulating this system and it all depends what type of aircraft. Airliners autopilot is more sophisticated then GA ap. AI piloting is mfsfs thing only. Its a feature that supposed simulate real pilot hand flying aircraft (I’ve nver used it for whole flight so not sure if is able to use automation too). Summarize by using autopilot you still fly the aircraft but instead of physically having control automation is doing this for you. You need to tell aircraft how and where to fly. Still take off and land is your job except autoland on some airliners. AI pilot is trying to do everything for you making you passenger. Is not perfect but nice addition to sim.


Hello, welcome to the community! I’ve moved your topic into #student-pilots:basic-gameplay-help since this seems to ask a basic question. The #bugs-and-issues:aircraft-systems category is more for dedicated for reporting Bugs & Issues related to aircraft handling.

The AP isn’t stupid.
It’s only doing what you are telling him to do. :wink: (at least IRL)
In MSFS it does have a few problems when it’s about more avanced features, but the basics are usually ok.