Autopilot: which command to vary the HDG

Autopilot: what command can I associate with a joystick button to allow me to change the Heading (HDG). Or a command to turn right and one to turn left. Thank you very much.

The only one I know is to set your AP to “heading” mode (in AP controls, either “toggle autopilot heading hold”, or “Autopilot heading hold on”/“autopilot heading hold off” if you don’t like to toggle, then you can use the commands “select heading bug”, then “increase heading bug” and “decrease heading bug” commands.
Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

You’ll need 3 buttons. In the miscellaneous section (I think) is a “plus” and “minus”. Set buttons to those. Then do a search for “bug”. You will find several bugs you can “select”. Assign a button to “select heading bug”. Once you select the bug, you then use plus/minus to adjust it.

Note I’m not in the game at the moment so the exact titles of the buttons might be off a little. But that’s the idea. You assign a button to “select” something and then once slected you can use plus/minus to adjust it.

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Simple. Don’t use any of the `SELECT’ bindings unless you are building a cockpit, with encoders.

There are two bindings you will need to find.

  • Heading Bug (Increase)
  • Heading Bug (Decrease)

Not sure of the exact wording but that will be close.
Bind whatever two keys you want and you are good to go. While flying in heading mode you can use those two keys to adjust where you want to go. Great for sightseeing.

I have my mouse SCROLL UP and SCROLL DOWN buttons set up for the heading bug.

My X52 has a second hat switch that functions as four buttons. I have elevator trim set to the vertical movement buttons and the heading bug set to the side buttons.

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