Will we see autumn scenery creep south or will it occur allover at once? Likewise with winter?

There are no seasons in FS at the moment as far as I am aware.


Correct, though it is planned to be added later.


It would seem really strange to fly in heavy winter weather over emerald green trees in January.
Just one more fact it’s now a game rather than a sim…

…unless you are in the southern hemisphere.

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I know what you mean man i drone cammed through my balcony window when i got this and did not see myself playing FS2020, what kind of sim is this.

FSX and Xplane simulated full seasonal weather and fauna out of the box day 1 vanilla with no paid mods, its a total crime it was released in this state!!

Xplane full seasoned out of the box? In which planet?


My entire comment was sarcasm.


Ah, OK! understood. Regards

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Oh I dont know. In the UK we get some fairly horrendous summer weather now that could easily pass as winter weather. With the exception of the ambient temp, there isnt much difference.

Personally I have never been that keen on seasons in sims. Trees in Autumn in look odd, winter trees look like sticks, not realistic winter trees, and everything is lime green in Spring, not to mention ground textures, many of which are based on images taken during the summer. The summer tress are about as close as it gets to looking realistic in my opinion.

You can do this now without problems inside MSFS, set weather to winter, snow, temperature under 0 degC and can fly on winter :slight_smile: perfect!