Available Disk Space On X-Cloud

Since I’ve got a potato 1st gen XBOX One and an equally ancient laptop, there’s no hope of an install and therefore I’m running FS exclusively through X-Cloud.

I’m currently sitting at roughly 45 gigs of space used and unfortunately, I’m getting the “You do not have enough space on this disk” warning. The worst part is that most of the core and WU addons are taking up a sizeable chunk of it.

So, I’ve got a couple questions;
Does anyone happen to know exactly how much “disk space” is available for addons if running MSFS solely on X-Cloud?
Also, if I am running out of space, would there be any way to obtain more?

I fully understand that MSFS on X-Cloud is mostly geared towards the more casual gamer, who, for the most part, don’t really care about adding more realism and features as much as the die-hards, like myself, do. One of the aspects I love about FS is the modular nature of its design and therefore having the ability to add more realistic scenery, better aircraft (sans BREDOK) etc makes it that much more appealing.

Sorry for the long post, but if someone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have an answer to your question as I just recently fired it up on my old Xbox just out of curiosity. It was running pretty well though. I thought since I like to play other games on my series x maybe I could do a long haul on the xcloud version on my old Xbox…after like 2 hours it was superrrr choppy so maybe the old Xbox can’t handle it after a while. I feel like it ran just as good on my old 2011 MacBook pro tbh. I also have an ipad that’s old but maybe if you have another device you can try that. Jailbreak a switch…lol

The crazy part is that it actually runs pretty well for me on both my XB1 and laptop, despite their age. Even during long sessions. Sure, I encounter the same stutters and CTDs as everyone else, but not anywhere near as frequent.
Not having enough space now seems to be the main problem.
This leads me to another couple of questions: 1) If I download a 3rd party addon for msfs, where is it saved to if I’m only using X-Cloud? And 2) Is there anyway to gain access to downloaded files outside of the content manager?

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