Avid simmer looking at new Xbox S but need simmers' opinions

Need your opinions and open minds on this option. I’ve seen another thread in this topic but it mostly deals with Xbox=gamer so, first off, let me just say that I am an avid simmer (since FS98) and certainly not a gamer (And gamers, please, take no offence - it’s simply two styles of play, one of which I am not interested in).

But, I need to replace my PC to a high-end config. That got me thinking (there is a first for everything).

Given the fact that Honeycomb is coming out with compatible flight controls for XBox Series S, would it be a good alternative to PC?

A high-end PC would set me back 4000.00 while an Xbox (1TB SSD, 16GB dedicated vRAM) would cost 500.00 + flight controls 300.00. I definitely have no interest in flying with a game controller so Honeycomb is a must. Even though (I believe) you cannot upgrade Xbox components, replacing it every 3-4 years still keeps me ahead, price-wise.

So keeping in mind that I’m asking avid simmers, what are the cons of going with this option? I’m mostly concerned about performance, add-ons being compatible, that kind of thing. I do not care about tweaking whatsoever.

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Interesting question and one I have also asked myself (although I’m afraid I personally have no answer for you)

I’ll just sit quietly and observe the bunfight.

reaches for wine gums

we won’t really know until the XBox version releases. Anything posted here will be pure guessing. If you would decide to go for the XBox though, why pick the S instead of the X? (especially if you’re worrying about the lack of upgradeability).

I don’t see why a new PC would set you back 4000 though. The Sim runs perfectly fine on my system (Ryzen5 3600, 16GB of ram (3200MHz) and a Radeon RX5700XT. You don’t need a 4000 dollar box to run this sim. Around 1000 dollars should get you up and running just fine, could go even cheaper as well.


I just wonder if that will still be the case when the PMDGs and Milvizs start releasing their products along with quality scenery devs. But, as you say, Xbox is still a big if. (BTW - it was the X I was referring to - shows you how much I know about game consoles)

I sympathize with the current cost you need to run the simulation with good quality visuals and a smooth framerate.That can look good but with variable framerate.
Not an easy choice with the S model .It’s compact design makes a clear difference to the more expensive model X.
Depending on scaling and adjustability in game it’s would look like global medium.
You’ve got the cost of the yoke to factor in also,a wise choice for flying.
I feel lucky my birthday got me a 2070 super.
You’ve got to see the S will have Rx 570/580 graphics performance.
If you can live with 40 FPS at best and 20 around big cityscapes.
The choice is yours of course.Id recommend paying for the X MK2; if you can stretch to it.
As the simulation evolves you might end up being very disappointed.

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Well, years ago, there was the limitation of not being able to fly everywhere. I’m sure that’s no longer a problem. I’ve flown sims since Jumbo Jet Pilot on the Atari 400.:joy:

Something else might be upgradability. I’m not sure how easy it is to upgrade consoles.

What concerns me too is when direct x 12 is introduced. Prepar3d v5, with dx12, had eaten practically all vram available. So will that be the case here? Lost track if the issue if the issue still persists on p3d. I certainly dont want to spend even more cash on a super duper gpu.

I’m not a gamer, but the combination of the pandemic and forced retirement led to purchase an Xbox X and Game Pass just to run MSFS. I have several PCs in the house including three Surface tablets and didn’t want to build a high-performance rig. The Xbox X is perfect for my needs. I expect I’ll buy a Logitech yoke, pedals and switches fairly soon and upgrade my TV to 4K/120Hz/HDR10, but I’m very happy with the Xbox decision after a week of play. It’s also convenient that it runs Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Twitch, YouTube, etc., as well as Skype and OneDrive. There isn’t official documentation for cameras with Skype yet, but that must be close.