Avionics 2 Garmin Display no longer functions after latest update

Topic says it all. Have never previously had any problems with updates but after this latest one the Garmin on Bus 2 no longer functions in the C208. Changed aircraft to C172 and same problem. I am not a developer but I fly in DevMode but I have not installed the new SDK pack, could this be the problem? Any assistance will be appreciated.

Do you have the g1000 mod installed? That’s causing issues.

Yes I do, thank you so much. I will finish current flight (coming in to Gander, Newfoundland) and then remove the mod. Thanks again Cheers Dan

Every time an update is released, there is an instruction provided, clearly stating in case of issues to first remove all mods and check if the issue persists.
That’s in there for a reason.

Thank you for the scalding…

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