Avionics crashes

While flying enroute (A320,CJ4,Diamond 60) the avionics crashes…Is there a fix?

Do you have any mods?

Not sure what you mean about mods. Please explain.

Well, usually when you have community mods or addons, they can do some weird things to other aircrafts that it’s not designed for. But since you are asking about this. I’m just going to assume that you don’t have any mods installed.

Can you elaborate with what you meant by avionics crashes? Is it like you can’t click anything, or is the flight instruments suddenly turns off, or does your engine cutoff too?

Thanks for responding. The screens go black. Everything else still operates ok.

Hmm. not sure, the only think I know that caused this is if using an outdated A32NX Stable version mod from the FlyByWire team. But if you don’t have that installed, I’m not sure what else is causing it.

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