Avionics fall out on 152 and 172 after 5 minutes

during a flight my avionics fall out ,needles going up and down and lights no working.
it happens after 5 minutes on both planes. anyone else has this problem?

It sounds like an empty battery ; make sure that :

  • your alternator is turned on
  • your ignition key is on the “Both” position, not on “Start”.

If you have a hardware controller for these (like my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke), make sure these are set correctly on the controller, because your controller will override whatever switching you do in the cockpit with your mouse or keyboard.

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thks, i have a tca thrustmaster btw. i see the starter moving from both to start all the time and after a few minutes the aviation stops working.

The starter drains the battery within seconds.

It only jumps back to start when it gets the signal from your hardware. So you need to check your settings.

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well nothing has been changed and it all looks well regarding the settings. so I will try now to uninstall msfs and reinstall again and see if it works.

Anything activated in Failure modes?

It’s likely that there is something in the MSFS settings of the TCA (Esc key / Options / Controllers) that is mapped to the ignition starter, that’s where I’d look first (to remove this mapping). I doubt reinstalling the game will fix anything.

Starter switch permanently in START position happens when your controller mixture lever is in FULL LEAN position and you do an autostart. Move mixture lever to FULL RICH before start.


in menu click on options > controls > select your thrustmaster > set filter to ALL > instruments & systems > check whats been programmed under Electrics and Engine instruments…

under instrument and systems is mentioned
eng master 1+starter1+fuel +valve fuel.
+cank and ignition.
furthermore I set the mixture on full rich and the avionics didnot fall out but the key is still moving every 3 seconds from both to start

This sounds like it could be a mod conflict, or a button / keypress that is unknowingly stuck and sending a spurious command.
Try emptying the Community folder and try.
You could also check your control assignments for duplicates.

Updates frequently change things. On my system, the size of the Rolling Cache and numerous key bindings were reset after the last update, as well as graphics settings.

Go through and check, you may find the culprit that is causing this issue.

i checked them and nothing had been changed. there are no double key figures.
btw after cold and dark start with the 172 and full rich the avionics fall out again .
I have no rolling cache and grafic settings were ok.
have no clue anymore what it is. looks like an after update problem as my fps drops down from time to time.

Is there anything in your Community Folder?

completely empty due to the re-install msfs2020 it disappeared.

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Same here… :frowning: Same bindings. As a quick workaround, I start the plane with the switch, then go to engine off with the switch and hit CTRL+E. Maybe that can be done without using the switch completely.

I think in my case there is a fault in the system of tca throttle. because I found just out by assigning the second starter to number 1 and visa versa.
that solved my problem. so the conclusing is that number one engine is broken .
I dont know if the company can solve that on distance or that I have to sent the throttle back.