Avionics gone after Update 10 in Cessna Longitude

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Avionics white screens PFD and MFD

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see screenshot

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no idea how to rectify this.

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If you’re using Dakfly’s Longitude Flight Dynamics Mod, you probably need this hotfix.

Thank you, CausalClick for the tip.
How can I find out that this is Dakfly’s Longitude Flight Dynamics Mod?
I have never carried out a hotfix. What is the procedure?

You would have installed the Flight Dynamics Mod in the sim’s Community folder. The hotfix would be applied the same way.

So just a drag and drop into Community Folder?
Okay, I will give it a try.
Thanks again.
I have to say, this is the first issue I have ever encountered in the Sim since I purchased the Deluxe Edition back in 2020. Everything has always worked brilliantly.

CausalClick, many thanks. All sorted hotfixed worked.

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I had the same issue. I was using the Asobo Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.95. I need to see if there is a hotfix for that. My only solution was to delete it out of my CF.

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