Awesome LOWI departure

Just took off from LOWI rwy 26, SID MOGT1X IFR to LHBP in the TBM930. After about 1500 feet I went into a thick layer of clouds. There is nothing but clouds all around me and I just keep following the SID… 8000ft, 10000ft and still nothing but clouds. At some point the aircraft turns right towards the mountains and I experience a slight moment of fear: am I going to reach over the mountain? Of course, because I checked the altitudes :slight_smile: At around 17000ft some light is starting to creep in and I’m starting to break the clouds…2000ft more and I’m out of the clouds and the view is just awesome, nothing short of awesome! I’m absolutely loving this! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


Awesome deserves a screenshot. :wink:

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I couldn’t agree more.

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