Awful ground textures

I’ve seen threads on this before, but I’ve been curious if the problems with the ground textures looking bad have been fixed? I tried adjusting the settings, I didn’t find a difference, I figured it could be because of my wifi because as I have 25 Mbps, which is the best I can get at the moment. I decided to do tests at my friend’s house as he has 1 gig internet, after a few tests I didn’t find a difference between mine and my friend’s ground textures. I also have everything in bing images turned on, anything after 10,000 FT doesn’t look as good.

Not sure how you think this is fine, I prefer X-Plane 11 over this looks better and much crisper and I’ve also flown in America and not much of a difference in terms of the textures.

OP has never been on a real plane. That’s his issue.

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If you want something that doesn’t look like reality, then yes, perhaps. Unless you are referring to hand cranked Ortho, then you aren’t comparing it to XP at all, but Google imagery! :wink:

Another question might be, when you are that far up, how crisp does the ground have to be to be considered acceptable. MSFS handles VFR flights, low level, very well. Airliners may not be the best choice for that type of flight, although you might not think that the number of times I’ve been buzzed by heavies, like seagulls trying to steal my chips! :joy:

Ground Textures are Designed to look best from 1000+ feet above ground level in this and most other Flight Simulators. This is especially true for Photogrammetry Areas! Don’t expect things to look excellent at 20 feet in those types of areas.

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I might just be picky but I’ve seen this forum and multiple people reported it as an issue so I thought it might be a bug, but here’s the forum Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth - #475 by TastyBiscuit571

I’m only regarding this as an issue because of this forum Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth - #476 by HELFly4ever but if it’s not I’m probably just picky.

A lot of incorrect answers here, so to the topic - Terrible Draw distance of textures (there are also issues with Draw distance of objects, trees and PG) has not been fixed. Same issue is also called LOD.

To be honest there’s still no progress at all (after half of year), even though these issues are in top 3 of bug reports.

So please, vote on all LOD topics, post your screens there and hope, as thousands of us do for months…

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This is what I was referring I’ve compared bing images to MFS2020 bing it’s clear their degrading the textures.

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