Axis and Ohs: Help and questions

A question for the A320 Neo:
Is there a key or a script to switch between “Managed Heading Mode” and “Selected Heading Mode” or “Managed Altitude Mode” and “Selected Altitude Mode”?

There is. Use these


Example: you can set

  1. “Managed Speed Mode” with the code “2·(>K:SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET)”
  2. “Selected Speed Mode” with the code “1·(>K:SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET)”

Create scripts with those or assign the K - Events to buttons directly and select the appropriate value in the little box.

Hello @ll,

AxisAndOhs version 2.0 has been released today.

With this version you will have access to the internal LVars and HTML - Variables, that are used to control the buttons on the G1000etc. instruments in the glass cockpits. This version includes many fixes and improvements that have been requested by users. The WebAPI has been expanded as well, which made it possible to implement a Bridge program to the VRI MCP Combo II device in a very short time. This Bridge program will be available shortly as a free download.

This is a free upgrade for previous owners, just download it again from you account in the shop. It has already been deployed to SimMarket, JustFlight should follow shortly.

Best regards
Oliver Binder

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I bought a Korg NANOKONTROL-2 and it does work with Axis and Ohs. Spent some time configuring it and my notes are in here.

  1. Cessna Grand Caravan

Top 8 buttons of the Korg assigned to the top 8 buttons on the cockpit (HDG, APR…)
6 buttons from the middle row of the Korg assigned to the 6 middle row buttons of the cockpit (BC,

Note: Few buttons don’t work correctly. This is due to msfs2020 sdk

  1. TBM 930

    Top and middle button as of Cessna Grand Caravan
    Configured the bottom row of buttons from Korg to do various Deicing related stuff.
    Configured two sliders for propeller pitch and mixture

    An extra slider was configured for the trim up and down. Works correctly. However sensitivity is too
    high (i.e. small change of the slider makes a big change in the trim wheel). Needs to find a way fix this.

  2. Configuring rotary encoders (for example, setting up the Altitude or changing heading bug) is bit of a pain. Tested few methods. Require more testing and finding a good way to deal with this.

As @LorbySI mentioned, rotary encoders have start/end stops and does not rotate endlessly. I managed to setup a rotary encoder to change the Altitude. The way it works is, turn the rotary to right to increment altitude, when the rotary hits the stop turn it to left and turn tight again … it works… but is painful. Oliver, I am happy to be a guinea pig if you have any ideas on test driving a Korg :slight_smile:

  1. Korg Kontrol Editor
    For this to work correctly it is necessary to install the latest drivers for Windows 10 from

Once the Korg Kontrol Editor is running make sure “Show only connected devices” is clicked. The editor must detect the correct device. If not try this :

"For what it is worth I solved the MIDI port problem by going into EDit/Preferences in the Editor (when I finally got it to recognize my nanoKey) I then checked the ‘set MIDI ports’ radio button pressed OK, when back in and deselected ‘set MIDI ports’ manually and it has been fine since. "

I think I manually selected the device and followed the above steps.

From Korg Forums :: View topic - cannot open MIDI port sid=7988ae973eb7139bbc493ff56b923147

I tested Writing Sens Data and did not get any errors. So I am guessing Korg Kontrol Editor can talk to the Korg.

  1. Future work.

Get the rotary encoders working in a satisfactory manner.
Get the LEDs working. I did read some notes from Oliver on this subject. So one of these days I will sit down and experiment on this.

As @LorbySI mentioned, rotary encoders have start/end stops and does not rotate endlessly. I managed to setup a rotary encoder to change the Altitude. The way it works is, turn the rotary to right to increment altitude, when the rotary hits the stop turn it to left and turn tight again … it works… but is painful. Oliver, I am happy to be a guinea pig if you have any ideas on test driving a Korg

Not sure if this is possible. When the encoder is at the stops, it doesn’t send any more MIDI events. So there is nothing that AAO could react to. A special control would be needed in AAO, that goes into “repeat” mode when it is at the stops. I will think about how to do that for the next version of AAO.

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Get the rotary encoders working in a satisfactory manner.

I may have a quick fix for that. Please send me an email with your proof of purchase. The address is on the last page of the AAO manual. Then you can try it yourself with my current development version.

Best regards
Oliver Binder

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Hello @ll,

to get you started more quickly, here a few pointers:

  • Before you connect AAO to MSFS, go to “Scrpting->Read HVARs from sim” and let it collect all HTML variables and associated tags. Once collected, they will be accessible in the group “HTML-variables” in the assignment treelist. Repeat this process after each sim update or when you get new aircraft that were made to MSFS specs

  • With all sims, after the app is connected to the sim you can run “Scripting->Read LVARs from sim”. This will collect all currently visible LVARs from the running simulator, which you will then find in the group “Local simulator variables”. LVARs are aircraft specific, so you have to do this every time you want to assign knobs or buttons to a new aircraft. The QualityWings 787 is a premium example of an LVAR-controlled cockpit.

  • More advanced ops are possible with RPN scripts, where you can also build tagged MSFS HTML variable names from their building blocks, the “HTML Tags”. That is hit-or-miss really, the scanner is not yet smart enough to figure out what combinations of tags form a valid HTML variable name.

For those interested, the prototype of the VRInsight MCP Combo bridge is available for download on the website. Testers are contributing AAO templates, but making your own should be pretty easy (I hope)

Best regards

Oliver from LorbySI supplied me a copy of the current development branch of the software with a workaround to get the rotary dials working on Korg and my initial tests are promising. I have updated Oliver with my findings and waiting for his feedback on few questions I have. Will update the forum once I get a good working solution.

Hello @ll,

just to repeat the solution for “how do I use a single rotary MIDI encoder and a button to change altitude by either 100 or 1000 feet”.

  • You need four assignments (100dec, 1000dec, 100inc, 1000inc - all for the same rotary encoder!) and a button as Combo (the button should be of the “momentary” type - that can usually be set up in the software that comes with your device).
  • Both dec events are assigned to the left turn of the encoder, both inc events to the right turn
  • The Combo is assigned to all four, preferably as “is toggle”
  • For either the 100s or the 1000s “suppress Key Down event” must be activated. Otherwise both the 100 and 1000 event would fire.



I’m very new to this whole midi controller and flightsim topic - I read around 5h inside forums and tried around with AAO for 4h.

My setup is MSFS with the fby A320, AAO full version and the xtouch midi controller.

Somehow I managed to buildup Altimeter-, Speed-, HDG- and ALT-knob correctly

The VS-knob doesn’t work as I’d like…
actually I can control this flightdirector VS only. I already read about this, it should be difficult to get this running yet.

For the managed mode I read the Lorby SI answer:

, but I didn’t get it. I just made a script and add it to my controlls, and it fires… but the second event always freezes somehow:

And even worse, I have no idea how to get my COM working correctly

I tried to figure out if those COM knobs can be found inside the scripting area after the
LVARs scan, but… I have no idea.

After xmas holydays my time is up now. I pray for a really good guide that saves us noobs any research time for setup all those A320 AP/COM knobs and buttons inside AAO

Thank you so much for you work anyways!!!

The VS-knob doesn’t work as I’d like…

To have an opinion about that we need specifics about how you are trying to do that.

but the second event always freezes somehow:

That usually happens when the button on the X-Touch is set to toggle. And your screenshot looks like you are trying to use the same button for both actions. That won’t work anyway.

if those COM knobs can be found inside the scripting area after the
LVARs scan

Probably not. In the Asobo cockpits these knobs are usually addressed by HTML variables.

I pray for a really good guide that saves us noobs any research time for setup all those A320 AP/COM knobs and buttons inside AAO

I’m sorry, but unless members of the community create templates, it remains a fair bit of work. Unfortunately there is nothing simple about simulator brain surgery and some assembly is required. AAO is just a tool so you can do it at all, it can’t make a complex thing such as this really simple.

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It would be very helpful to get ready-made templates of different airplanes. These can then be used as “standard templates”.

Thank you so much sir.

Nonono, I know, I know… I am not asking for no work! What I meant was some easy tipps-guide with fast introduction to those features like LVARs, scripts, combo-binding and some good complex examples,that guides newbies like me trough this new universe. I need it visual, because this is the way I can learn best.

I know that it is all documented, but it needs way more time to read and try all of this, than to just see how some examples work. this is by far no review at all here, but just a reflectation how I felt after 2 nights of read and try. At least I am pretty far now and my setup really can be used already…

I will reply to the rest of your hints later.
I‘m really thankful for your response.

Thank you very much for the these instructions @LorbySI.
I tested these instructions with my Korg and they worked as the doctor prescribed. !

KORG Specific notes:


  1. Tick the ‘Endless’ checkbox. This is required for the rotaries from Korg to work.

As I am testing a development branch of AAO sent to me directly by Oliver, this functionality might not be available on the current released version of the software. Just wait for the new version and read the release notes.

My setup.

  1. I used custom labels to identify the buttons. This way it was very easy to debug and fix the few issues I encountered.

For example, I labelled them as “ALT_DEC by 1000”…

  1. I am using the button labelled as “set” from the Korg as the “Assigned Combo”. When I want to Increment or Decrement by 100s, I press and hold this button. This is just my preferences. To achieve this behavior, in the two 100 assignment definitions, I have unticked the “is toggle” checkbox.

I will try to setup a GitHub repo with my notes.

Hi! I see FLC ON and OFF events, but I’m unable to find any variable storing information if it’s enabled. Do you know if such a thing exists? I’m trying to setup one button on x-touch mini to toggle FLC and with illumination if it’s enabled.


or possibly


With the next version of AAO you can search for the undocumented events and variables.

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Hi @LorbySI

Your AAO Program looks great albeit at little overwhelming for a noob like me but I’m pretty sure from what I can see AAO will enable me to fully utilise my new honeycomb alpha and bravo to its full extent with FS2020 & avoid that acceleration bug when using the “always on” switches

Do you have defaults setups for AAO that I can import for use with fs2020 that gives noobs like me a full solution for bravo & alpha controller users?

A default setup also gives us plenty of examples that we can see working. For noobs like me it is a practical way to try and understand the intricacies of your very flexible & concise program

These default settings would be an instant selling point for your program as there’s no easy solution out there for us Honeycomb controller users to avoid that acceleration bug.

I’d shout about it from the roof tops if I found an easy solution and paying $20 for software that’s has presets ready to go so I don’t need to spend hours learning how to program it is well worth the money spent😎

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Greetings Oliver,
The scripts to turn on the X-Touch LEDs have stopped responding. Do you have any idea what the reason may be? They had worked properly so far.
Thanks in advance.

Check that they haven’t been renamed. A new version changed how scripts are organized and the naming changed. I had to go through mine and rename

Do you have any idea what the reason may be?

I would check if the MIDI device ID has changed, I suppose that could happen when something changes on the USB?

Go to “Hardware -> Show MIDI devices” and make sure that the ID listed in the “MIDI Out” list on the right is the same as you wrote in the scripts.

my X-Touch keep showing up as 4 and 5, no changes on this side …