Axis mapped column 2 50% inhibit when reverse axis selected

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If axis mapped to column #2 (right) and then also reversed this will create a duplicate entry in column #1 and cause a 50% inhibit in axis range in flight. (-25% at top of range, -25% at bottom of range)
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I provided loads of screenshots in the ticket, but asobo support through zendesk don’t actually appear capable or reading the detailed description or even looking at pictures.

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Bind an axis to column #2 and select reverse axis check box. Reproduced with TM T16000 throttle axis (slider) and Virpil CM2 and CM3 throttle axes rX, rY, rZ)

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This has nothing to do with my PC or even my peripherals. This is an axis mapping behaviour in Microsoft Flight simulator 2020

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It’s been there for a while. I first opened the ticket in February. My most recent detailed post within the ticket was 31st March. I didn’t get a response to that post until April 23rd.

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Yes. I have a ticket #93651
I also PM’d the community manager of these forums at their request at end march and still no response.

Absolutely unbelievably poor tech support.
Do they even know how their own game works?