Azure loosing connection

I’ve been getting this a lot lately where ATC looses it’s azure connection and forces offline voices. Started happening after SU5 update but after WU6 seems to be happening even more. Anyone else?


Yea, it’s pretty bad I just get one voice.

Everything linked to Microsoft has been slow today.

This has happened to me about three times since WU6. I get a window telling me that the AZURE server has switched off. Although the last time it happened to me the voices came back to normal when I had been flying for a while.


Everytime it’s happened it never came back until I restarted the sim.


Since SU5, this has happened to me every single day without exception.

It seems to be happening a lot more frequently for me also.


Yes, almost every session now since WU6

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Same for me, almost every flight. It’s the only really annoying issue for me at the moment. The rest of the sim has been really stable. You’d hope that a MS title wouldn’t have this type of issue with their Azure platform…


It’s almost constant now. Loses it anywhere from 1/3-1/2 way to destination and never comes back on. Restart the sim or start another trip and it comes back but repeats, again and again.


You have to admit by the offline voices are funny. I call them the seven dwarfs.


Funny for about 30 seconds :-1: :persevere:

Happens often.
However, I cannot click on either options presented to me. I need to use the escape key on my keyboard.

All the time, and I even loose cockpit sounds. Anyone else?

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Same for me

Lost the Azure connection again last evening. Back to the Land of OZ for voices.


Me too. Now sound from ATC at all.

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Hadn’t experienced this since they (claim to have) fixed the server various issues that were plaguing some folks since SU6. Thought perhaps it may have been fixed. But nope. It started again last night. Not only does Azure cut out altogether, but ATC dies an untimely death along with it, as I couldn’t even get text in the ATC window. I did 4 separate flights with a full sim reboot between each (even a computer reboot after the 2nd). Azure dropped on me mid-flight every time.

As does the photogrammetry. It’s pretty constant. Using USA East servers here

I didn’t notice PG dying, but it’s quite possible I didn’t see it because on two of the flights I was flying over areas I have a manual cache of, and the other two were non-PG areas.

What relationship does object level of details have with Photogrammetry? Any? Reason I ask is I don’t know if it is a coincidence or the servers are just bad but ever since changed my Object level of details up to 150 from 100 seems I’m am getting the warning about my connection isn’t fast enough to stream photogrammetry. I have 50mbps and I never had a problem until recently, well, probably a month now. I think it’s the servers.

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