Azure Server Down Again?

I cant seem to make a flight without Azure voice server going down and/or losing all photogrammetry. My internet is fine afaik. I wonder if antivirus or firewall settings have something to do with it? Or is it just down all the time? What impact does losing Azure server have on the sim? Weather? Textures? Anyone know? I’ve been wondering a long time about this.

Either the Azure server is down or the MS servers are on their usual peak hours go slow. It’s disgraceful. If people are paying for MSFS which relies on the servers being operative, then the servers should be fit for pupose.

It’s the way of the modern day world unfortunately. Take your money and then don’t provide what you have paid for.


If you only got MSFS last week I might have sympathy but you’ve been here since 2020. IMO you’ve easily had your sixty quid’s worth by now and there’s still a hell of a lot more to come


You’re not suggesting a monthly subscription model are ya? :wink:

In all honesty I agree with you 100%. What bothers me is that all the extra we spend on addons and one day it will be shut down overnight and all that software will be useless and wasted unless it can be migrated to the “next FS”. Makes me hesitate to invest more in mods — but my addiction easily overcomes my hesitation. Enjoy it now, it’s amazing what we have gotten for the crazily low entry fee. :slight_smile:


If and when you can be pretty sure they’ll leave it in a playable state just without live weather and streamed scenery, at least they did leave FSX playable. If they decrypt theirs there’s nothing to suggest your mods would break either and I imagine even new mods could be added via the community folder if 3PDs still have interest.

My sim is stuck forever at “synching data”. Is there a problem with the servers? Midwestern US here…

I’m in Europe and have had no probems. Of course that doesn’t help you but you might try a router reset if you haven’t already. Yesterday I just had to unplug and replug my wifi dongle when my internet dropped out.

Had that problem found the fix . You have to do in these steps :

  1. sign out of Microsoft account
  2. sign out of MS store
  3. sign out of Xbox app
  4. restart pc (hard power turn off)
  5. sign into Microsoft account
  6. sign into MS store
  7. sign into Xbox app
  8. run sim as admin rights

That’ll look great! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I agree. I’ve got my money’s worth, but depending on a server is not good, imo. Only if it gets more stable. I’ve had a lot of what I believe to be server problems the past two years.

Haha, ok 8 easy steps. I’ll give that a shot and see what happens.

Tbh even if not your end those server problems are more likely to be due to your location in relation to your nearest MSFS server and how busy and how well the internet infrastucture between you and it is maintained. I live in Nuremberg and never see problems yet a mate with the same provider and package is unfortunate enough to live in Stuttgart and he always gets dropouts and slowdowns. I’ve even checked out his router and PC and he has identical settings to mine.

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Great. Good to know. Thanks. I find this sim quite depressing most of the time. I get all kinds of VR problems that are unsolvable now, also. I think I need to find a new hobby. This one is killing me.

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