[AzurPoly Group] - Transall C-160

Sometimes when loading the C160 I get this. A “Restart” corrects it.

Again troubles with the AP. Sometimes ALT HOLD mode cannot be switched off. I even tried to switch the AP off/on but immediately ALT Hold engaged again. The only possibility to descend is to keep the AP switched off.

I guess you must change the altitude first to disengage ALT. I’ve just completed a successful flight in the C-160 and I’m happy how the AP behaves now (no more losing pitch in turns and no pitch oscillations in climb) but I use the FMS for altitude change. I avoid this screen in the EFB.

Just saying that sometimes it works and sometimes not.

But still to get out of ALT hold mode you need to change the selected altitude first. Did you try that?

Ok, I will try that. This can just be a workaround, not working like the real thing?

It’s still a bit quirky because when you change your selected altitude it immediately exits the ALT mode (even though the ALT light stays engaged on the central console autopilot panel) and it starts to climb/descend, but I take it as a part of this otherwise awesome aircraft. This last update finally improved the AP to the enjoyable state.

Yes, it definitely did.

This works, but when changing altitude the C160 climbs or descends at 3000 ft/m regardless what’s adjusted in the EFB. Only when changing the VS value on the EFB it uses that value. I think that the builtin AP and the EFB-AP have different sets of vertical speeds. Look here:

Here’s a video that shows switching off ALT hold on the EFB. Shouldn’t work like this, right? As I said, this happens sometimes only. Although ALT is off then, I cannot switch on VS.

And here I used the Pitch Selection Switch in order to switch off ALT Hold mode. This works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.

At last the behaviour in an ILS approach is not good. Holding the GS is kind of ok, but on the localizer the aircraft shifts left/right a lot.

The AP in the Transall is still buggy.

That is happening to just about every aircraft I have at the moment.

You might be right with this, I experienced it today in the C414.

I experience this swaying only in Transall and sometimes in Learjet 35A. All my other aircraft are rather rock solid on ILS.

The C160 becomes better and better. Now a GTN750 is available replaing the GNS 430 for free

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I don’t see this in the change log or an option anywhere. Is there a mod that lets you use the GTN750?

Yes, JayDee’s GTN750 mod. It’s not a new thing though…

JayDee´s - PMS GTN750 on Others Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Copy “Main mod 2.3 xxx” folder + “Transall - Azur Poly” folder into your Community and voila, there’s GTN750 in your C-160.

I swear last time I looked at this mod it was for G1000 replacement only. I could be wrong I’ll check it out again.


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Get it here. It’s free:

Be careful unless updated I think this mod breaks the C160 HUD.

Two posts up I provided the same link.

I personally don’t use the GPS, i use the built in FMC or use radio nav, having the gps upsets the autopilot , it conflicts with the fmc.