B 747-8 intercontinental speed brake adjustement

aerIs there a way on that airplane to adjust step by step the air brakes ?

I don’t how to say “aérofreins” !

Hey @Jeanroidumanche

my translator is telling me that you are talking about pneumatic brakes. I am sure you want to talk on how to adjust speed brakes. Because of that, I adjusted your topic title so people can find your topic more easily.

You can change the amount of speedbrake extension by dragging the speedbrake lever with the mouse.

That is exactly this.

On my B 747-8 intercontinental, It is impossible to move the speed brake lever with the mouse.

The speed brake lever animation has been fixed with the last update, which means that arming and extension is now realistic.

To arm the ground spoilers you need to pull the lever up.

To extend the speed brakes you need to pull the lever up and once the lever has been lifted, you can drag the lever to extend them.

I notice that it’s possible to arm the speed brake lever toward the top, but it can go no more that 4%

0-4% is the armed position. You need to lift the lever first, then release it again, and afterwards, once it’s been lifted, you can drag the lever aft.

Honestly, I don’t see what sort of movement I have to do to move the lever ! I don’t arrive

The arming movement is the same as the extension movement.
If you grab the lever with the mouse and pull it back, you will see that the speed brake lever lifts up a tiny bit.
That’s the armed position and you can’t pull it further back and release the lever.
Check that the lever is still in the up position.
Now you can grab it again and pull the lever back to extend the speed brakes.

Thank you that’s clear