B58 Interior Lights/Comm Selector Buttons no longer work

Hey folks - Since SU6, it seems my Comm buttons for radio selection and interior lights no longer work on the Baron 58. Is this a known bug or is something borked on my install for the baron? Is there an easy way to reinstall just this aircraft?

Apparently, no one seems generally aware about this. 2 other guys I’ve spoken to also have this issue. I started this thread in the bug section, but it seems to be getting no traction at all.

I didn’t know about the lights because I never use them. But the comms basically means I can’t use this plane on Vatsim.

Ok at least Im not alone! Ive been using it to practice some IFR as it has the g1000 which im using for my instrument training IRL. A bit faster than the 172 I’m using IRL also so it makes cruising a bit quicker as well lol.

I was just shy of reinstalling everything at this point. Ill report it on zendesk and vote on your post as well. I agree, I’ve been getting ready to try my first IFR flight on pilotedge but thats tough without being able to properly use the comms.

From WELPECORGI : I have made the same experience, Comm Selector Buttons on the Baron G58 / G1000 no longer work after Upgrade 6. I received instructions from the MSFS Support team to remedy this problem, but to no avail. Interestingly, the G1000 COMM Buttons on the C-172 do work !
Anyone out there who could fix this nasty problem ?

Same problem here. They used to work. They work fine in the 172. Please keep this thread going until they fix it.

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