B747 Autopilot is broken

When i try to level off using the Autopilot in the 747 it starts occilating. After a while the occilation has an Ascent-/Descentrate of ~ 5000fpm. The cause is probably the trim which is very Agressive and only starts to trim in the opposite direction after the Ascent-/Descentrate reaches 0fpm. This also happens with other Jets but the A-/C-Rates only reach 50fpm.
I have already submited a Bugreport about the issue to Zendesk.
I have recorded a short Video of the Bug but since i can’t post any links i have uploaded it to youtube.
If you want to watch it please search " FS2020 Autopilot Occilation B747 8i"

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This is a known problem.
Try the AI copilot… it’s even worse :confused:

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hope they fix it soon

Also having the same issue with the 747. Cruising at my altitude of FL 360 and it keeps oscillating 200-300 ft above and below the set altitude. Tried different cruise speeds and the problem persists. This needs to be fixed among many other things!

is that it? for me the 747 will wildly oscillate by about 4000 feet. Seems the issue is with the trim control. AP waits till way too late to set trim so ends up constantly making huge adjustments which it trys to counter with throttle, which makes the issue worse. i wont even turn AP on till higher than 15000 ft.

I can’t believe it, how could they release this ■■■■…??? Graphics are fine, but 747 sucks, waiting for PMDG to step in. I think that is their idea…

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Beta culture. No real product testing before release. Players test it and moan and the devs patch it sometime… maybe.

I think it got progressively worse, because I came back to my computer (left it running) and it overstressed my aircraft and crashed. It is clear that this is definitely broken.

yeah had exactly the same. it starts out alright, then just get worse and worse. it is a known bug though that AP may just struggle to contol speed and alt i think the problem is significantly worse here with the 747 i honestly cant even watch how AP treats the controls :slight_smile: its like the trim and throttle controls are just ON/OFF switches for me :confused:

Whatever, Zendesk groups bugs, so the more reports they get on zendesk the more weight gets added to the bug and then hopefully the more time will go to fixing it

Similar problem here engage autopilot either alt hold, v/s, or vnav and autopilot immediate adjusts full nose down trim on stabiliser. This happens with full fuel load even if cg is within the correct parameters.

Other issue is oscillation ± 4000 feet.

For me, the climb out required full nose-down trim or else it just pitched towards space. The flaps have no immediate effect on the aircraft’s pitch like flaps do in the real world.

PLEASE fix this. The 747 is useless and the 787 does it too with full load on long climbs. Right now I am flying Sydney to Nashville and I have tried everything. I cannot believe I had to manually trim a 747 at FL310. The plane refuses to climb above FL350 even with weight and balance verified. Right now the engines are spooling between 50.2 and 91.3. The altitude which I led it naturally balance is set at 27600 and the plane is oscillating between FL268 and FL 282. The controller will not stop barking instructions because no matter what it will not hold altitude. This cannot be a complex fix and paying for the premium version to have an AP that works worse than a C172 is really shameful. There is no way this was not addressed in Alpha and Beta.


is working good the autopilot in 747 and 787 ??? to me is imposible to configure it correctly…plis fix this

I do have the 787 working really well. Still not able to get good results from the 747. I get about 50% crashes to the desktop on long flights.

I posted my steps to get the B787 to auto-land in another post.

Hi i had the same problem stuck at 36000’ switched Auto Throttle off and it started to climb again, I’m not an experienced pilot so I don’t know if this is a correct procedure or not but at least it works

NOTE, my results are after an update that fixed actual problems

It no longer seems broken. I have really good results with my 747 flights so it can’t be the AP that’s broken and I’m just working around it.

My best bet is the cases in this thread describe loss of VS

VS sometimes loses the Magenta indicator on primary Flight Display and this indicates a loss of function. Without VS, the Autopilot is trying to correct for Speed/Thrust mode, while trying to capture HOLD Altitude. It will be too aggressive for the aircraft’s capabilities.

Now, alternatively, if HOLD already captured, the AP sometimes needs to be memory-dumped. Disengage and re-engage the AP, you may need to stabilize if you let it get too out of control.

Lastly, the FLAPS are very powerful…1deg can make a big difference. 1deg cannot be used above 280knots and Vref is 220knots from my understanding.

So you need to make sure your flaps are correct.

Aggressive transitions in flaps will also result in oscillations and inability of AP to maintain stability.