B747 drops after engaging AT (CMD)


Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Short fly from LSZH → VEBIT → DANZE LSLB RWY33 (ISL=109.35) Arrivals ARPU8K FL070
lNav=on, vNav=off

Set Altitude to 7000 and VS 750

I have checked LEG in FMGC

After engaging the autopilot the aircraft crashes, the airplane does not climb to the altitude set.

Start with these basic steps.
Let us know if this doesn’t cure the issue!
With the sim running, if you are on the start up screen, from the top heading, select “Options”, or if you are already in the sim, press “ESC” on the keyboard.

  • Under “General”
    Set “Flight Model” to “Modern”, not “Legacy”.
  • Under “Assists”
    Set all “Piloting” assists to “Off”
  • When you are in the sim, from the “winged” sim icon, Open AI Control (icon to the right of the yoke icon), and ensure that “Control Aircraft” is “Off” (button placed to the left).
  • Next, and quite important, is to add deadzones to each axis for all your controllers. Approximately 5% should be enough, but there have been instances where significantly more was needed.

Do not assume, even if you know how you had these already set, ensure these are this way now.
The last few updates did change some user settings.

All values ​​were already set as recommended, except the deadzones. I’ve changed this to 5%.

Unfortunately without effect, the behavior is the same, the airplane drops after enganging AT.

Do you have anything in the Community folder?

After you dial in the new altitude are you pressing the altitude button to make it execute your changes?

What should be in the community folder ? What means anything ? Do you mean the salty Mods?
Furthermore, with the b787 or A320 I fly the same route without any problems.

The procedure pressing the altitude button start changes is used in the a320.

In B747
I set the new flight altitude, the value is also shown in the PDF. Then I press the VS button and set the speed on the wheel, depending up or down.
If I press the ALT button (Enable Altitude intervention), there is no improvement. The plane falls down like before.

Hmm I dont know then, I havent flown the 747 in game, I’ll check it out and see what it does for me. I know the 320 all of a sudden handles like a truck here since the last update.

Yes, try to fly the B747 in game and I have no problem with the A320, not even with the B787.

It is fairly common for a mod conflict to cause this.
If it is a conflict, mostly, other aircraft mods are responsible.
It has also been known to happen from liveries.
I have not heard too many instances of sceneries doing it.
I would rename your community folder and let MSFS create a new one.
Do not move anything into the new one.
Try the 747.
If it is good, shut down sim and add Salty mod to new folder.
If still good, add other aircraft mods back, then liveries etc., until you find the culprit.

Thank you, I’ll try this and get back to you.

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Without the additional mod the plane works, I will proceed as suggested and hopefully find the culprit.

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I proceeded exactly as recommended, the B747 reacted as expected, changes in altitude were possible, the aircraft remained stable. I have copied all bought ORBX airports into the communtiy folder, did the thest with success again. With the 3 additional liveries and the salty MOD.

After I’ve added two more MODS, the jet crashes again. I removed the latest one in the community share, without success, the plane continues to crash.

Afterwards I completely deleted the community order and after starting the SIM it created the new folder, it is completely empty. But the jet loses altitude and crashes.

Does anyone have any advice ?

Hello I fly the base 747 regularly. My steps are

  1. Load the flight plan into the MCDU and check the legs once in the sim
    1b. Set your flight level. Saving work later on.
  2. Once you take off. Flaps up and gear up with a positive rate of climb.
  3. Engage the AP and auto throttle. LNAV and VNAV will light up
  4. Click the dial to engage altitude intervention. VNAV will go out.

Let me know if that helps