B748 Can't Fly Straight in Cruise?

When flying in a crosswind, the aircraft keeps swerving left and right of the flightplan route, despite there being no turbulence. It seems like it can’t maintain the route because of the 100 knot crosswind confusing it. Pattern below repeats ad nauseum:

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Crosswind shouldn’t ‘confuse’ it. It’s just sloppy programming. It’s a simple enough thing for the autopilot to compute and hold the required crab angle to maintain course without weaving.


748 is a buggy mess when it comes to autopilot. The 787 and the A320 seems to be better at it though. As long as you’re on Modern flight model, and not on Legacy.

Update to my topic: This isn’t restricted to flying in a crosswind, this happens even with light cruise winds; all it takes is a disturbance in the lateral navigation (like a turn) and it starts weaving.

Wondering the same. Heading hold makes my plane fly straight. LNAV makes it fly in a zigzag pattern.

I observed this today but only when it changed course after a waypoint; it would weave a couple of times before then hanging on to the magenta line just fine.
I think the 747 AP is pretty good. I’ve intercepted and flown down two GS approaches today and it behaved impeccably.

i have the same problem with the dreamliner, when i have cockpit or external view the aircraft banks to the right with no reason. When i use the showcase view the aircraft follows waypoints with no problem

Huh, managed to make the AP follow the line straight on by positioning myself right over the line, setting my heading hold to overlap the line, and then turn on the LNAV. Will do some more testing.

I think this bug has been swatted by patch 4. Good news.

This is not fixed, it’s still happening on the latest path as of now. The 747-8 is swaying left and right on LNAV/VNAV AP on while flying heading 312 with wind 287/62 (i.e. almost headwind, ~25 degrees crosswind of 62 kts).

Wondering about the same issue with every Airplane espiacelly with theA320

The A320 issue is tracked in A320 swaying left and right and A320 Swerving left and right after update (on Autopilot nav)

I recommend you this link. It is fix file of 748i in msfs2020.

747 is swaying left and right at cruise speed and it is also NOT hitting the approaches, it is continuing straight instead of making the turn into a approach path…I have to manual make the turn to get it to hit the G/S and Localizer…AP is REALLY buggy. Also noticed I have to lower the aircraft altitude at my own pace as opposed to doing the ATC recommended times since I have to make so many corrections during approach.

not saying there are not bugs, but you are zoomed in to 0.5nm and have a changing crosswind of 110+kn.
Considering the size of the vertical stabilizer, I would not be surprised if there was some wandering