B787 and 747 autoland


After trying to autoland 787 and 747 with ILS either with light loads or heavy ones, the autopilot smacks the whole plane into ground.

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I don’t know how much experience you have of auto-landing, so sorry if you have already considered the following:-

  1. Is the approach speed too low for the aircraft weight and/or wind conditions at the destination airfield. Has the aircraft been told how heavy it is and the weather conditions that it is going to be landing in, so that it can calculate approach and landing speeds?
  2. Baro setting - does the aircraft think it is further off the ground than it actually is?
  3. Is the runway in question’s ILS CAT3? (not certain that this has even been implemented yet in MSFS)
  4. Have MSFS just not quite got auto-landing right?

I have flown xplane 11 for some time with ils landings and this behavior i never saw in xplane.

  1. No the speeds i tried it with were either like in real world or faster.
  2. I set those how ATC said in game.
  3. Didn’t try it with cat 3 but in xplane it works just okay with same plane.
  4. A320 works almost perfectly.

I think at least the FF A320 in XP may effectively treat all ILS runways as CAT3 and therefore available for autoland, even if they aren’t, but it sounds like your problem might be specifically more about the 747.

Its both of them, 747 and 787

My 787 always misaligned with the runway, as the auto pilot and localiser cause the plane to swing left and right.

I couldn’t get a decent auto land in either the 747/787. The aircraft also don’t handle correctly and are extremely unrealistic, they will need to be adjusted.

Same issue here, only A320 can land safely with auto pilot.

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Did you set the speed brake as required by weather/weight? 20% is normal dry load.

Yes, i did and it still smacked me into ground

Hmm… Thats odd because I’m running the 787 a lot and I haven’t had that problem yet… I can’t speak for the 747 only because it’s never been my favorite to fly (feels too clunky and not just in FS2020 but in most sims I’ve used over the years). Any other aircraft do that or just those two?

EDIT: Can you send me your weight, fuel on board at the time of landing and an example airport (and runway) that does it so I can test it out? Also, what type of weather? If I can recreate your conditions I can see if it happens to me. Maybe it’s something about the area or flight configuration that’s causing it.

I can’t remember exact weight but fuel was about 8% and cargo 1%, it happened on every airport for me but i remember it did on these NZWN, NZAA, LZIB for sure.

Ok… honestly, it sounds like it might be load heavy on the front (the aircraft is forward heavy while empty to compensate for people sitting in the back) but I’ll try it out and see. Usually you need cargo weight or you need fuel weight in order to keep the load center-mass. I’ll check it out.

Over the last 2 days or so I’ve tried to re-create the problem you are having and I’m not having any success. I’m not experiencing the problem your having. Not sure what the problem is. Everything seems to work fine.

My airbus started to smack into ground too now

I can’t speak to the airbus because I haven’t flown it at all but… I hate to say it but, it’s gotta be something up with your setup somewhere. Either that or you’re missing a step in the (non-existent) “landing checklist”.

Are you sure you’re not getting any FPS drops or anything at the time of touchdown that could be causing a calculation error?

Any chance your CG is front or back heavy? No mods running? I’m just trying to ask as many things as I can think of because I’m at a loss.

No it’s all correct, i have flown ff a320 in xplane even on this same flight plan plenty of times and i never crashed

Not sure then. Haven’t heard anyone with a similar issue yet. I’d go to bug reporting at this point.

Same here 787 always crash into ground, with diffrent weights…

Only A320 works well

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Just tried autoland in the 787:

  • fuel according to SimBrief
  • speed set to REF, full flaps, Autobreak set 2, spoilers armed
  • press LOC button to intercept the localizer
  • press APP button when localizer has been intercepted

Worked well (at least with 225/3 wind), except for the flare and touch-down: all wheels hit the ground at once and the airplane bounced back into the sky (made a go-around and landed manually). So best disconnect AT/AP when on short final :slight_smile: