B787 and A320 cockpit buttons freezing

This wasn’t happening until sim update 3 but now every few flights in both the 787 and 320, the cockpit buttons freeze for 20 or 30 mins. I don’t know why and there is nothing I do that fixes it. The plane is still moving and contrails are still coming out but the engine animation is not working and the buttons are not working. what’s weird is that the screens are still working (I can see adjustments on the screen but I can’t do anything because the buttons are frozen). Has anyone else had this problem and how is it fixed?

Same problem for me. I cannot find a workaround or something. It is annoying.

When does this happen? Can you give any more information?

Well I don’t see any patterns with it so it’s hard to give more information than it will just happen and no matter what I do, nothing happens. Then after 30 - 40 mins, they just start working again.

Ok, then…