B787 and B747 Reverse Toggle not working during landing, or over 50 knots

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reverse thrust works under 60 kts only !!! Works ok with 747 or other aircraft

The workaround that I had to do during landing was just to use Hold Reversers instead of the Toggle Reversers, but key map it to one of the top hat buttons, so it wasnt awkward to have to hold it down. I was using the top right hat button for the landing gear, but intead of this, I switched buttons with that and the hold reversers, so the landing gear was a bottom button, and hold reversers on the top hat. Now, when I land, I use hold reversers all the time with all the planes with this throttle setup. It frees up my left hand to use for moving the throttle slider up and down. I dont know if they fixed the Toggle reversers or not, but I prefer it this way now even if it was working again.