B787 and B747 unlandable

Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude.
I’ve been around since FS98 though.
It’s just totally random for me. Same aircraft, same airport, same runway and a different outcome every single time.
And I agree with others, the AP got so much better since the release, though some crazy unjustified 8000fpm dives still happen.

No worries, brother… No offense taken or meant by me either.

Arent they just called LOC approches?..

I am landing the 747 the 787 and the A320 with AP off just beautiful.
Also i shut A/T off at around 800- 500 feet and take over manuell this works
like a Dream .

regards :wink:

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i really doubt it’s unlandable

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You are right, I’ve had the same problem since MSFS was launched, I’ve tried everything, tried to land the plane the slowest I can, cut the engine power like 50 or 40 feet above the runway, I’ve tried auto land, manual land, nothing works, the plane just don’t flare, it always dives, sinks the nose just before landing, and a perfect approach, glide scope and localizer captured and the plane perfectly lined with the runway always ends in a crash, always using the 787, but I must say after the last update, it started happening with the 320, too.

Could it be the wind gradient is exaggerated ?

Are you sure about that ? I believed it’s a modeling problem.

if you are going too slow, your plane is stalling. That might be the problem.

747 is landable, but under very strict conditions, since its physics are terribly bugged.
You have to land at around 150kts with full flaps at less than 200fpm, otherwise the plane will bounce like crazy and try to loose the centerline.
The plane is barely landable with crosswinds, any correction after touchdown will result in a 20º bank to the side that will feel as if the plane was about to flip over.

No buddy, I have even changed from real weather to calm winds and still happens.

The sensitivity when flare is very tricky and unrealistic. A little to much you do it, you end up floating or go around. But it is possible to flare, you need find the sweet zone.

Also are you disconnecting the AT? It does not cut the power upon touchdown. That might be another reason.

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No mate, that’s not the thing, the plane doesn’t stall, the plane gets perfectly well to the head of the runway but doesn’t flare, doesn’t wanna lift the nose neither manually nor auto land, instead of that, like 50 or 40 feet before touchdown sinks the nose, lands with the front gear, jumps twice or three times and that’s all. I’ve tried everything.

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