B787 bounces after patch

If you add full payload and fuel ,aircraft is unable to taxi or even take off, just bounces on runway or taxiway as crazy until you crashed, this happened to me after this patch today. 2 days ago was normal.
I’m flying ONAIR airline manager, so i notice this when add full cargo, if Im empty no problem there.

I’m experiencing the same issue, so far only tried to fly the B787 but exact same behavior.

Yes, i started another post yesterday on the same… and opened a ticket. I hope i dont have to wait for weeks for a fix!! They broke it as usual with these update and i just hated it by now.

Just tested and I can confirm. :frowning:
There are presently two ways to avoid this problem.

CG should be > 20%
If it isn’t, you need to start the takeoff run as IRL;
Hold the brakes, advance thrust to ~60% N1, release the brakes and quickly advance the thrust levers to TO thrust.

That said, it’s an awful bug and if the CG is < 30% upon landing, you will experienc this bouncing as well if you are using full manual braking.

I’ve been having the issue today, and it’s basically game breaking for me. Even adjusting the weight of the plane and CG, it wont stop. I can’t take off (I crash) and I can’t even imagine what a disaster landing would be.

Reply from support as such:

This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker and added to the [ KNOWN ISSUES (Last modified: May 25, 2021)]. Bugs and issues that have been successfully reproduced will be categorized and prioritized—game-breaking bugs will receive the highest priority, while middle-of-the-road and cosmetic bugs are prioritized based on reproduction and the number of times reported

Please report to zendesk as well, hopefully more users reporting could help expedite the fix, i am really hoping they push a quick fix in days and not wait for weeks or months till next sim update! For simmers like myself whom fly primarily airliners like b787, this is game breaking bug for sure!

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After the update the 787 is no longer flyable. On descent I could not decrease altitude. I finally went to the exterior view and discovered the altitude on the exterior view was decreasing, but on the cockpit view nothing was happening. I had to circle a few times to try to get the altitude down. Then I noticed the airspeed was not working. I could not slow it down. I finally gave up and bailed out of the flight. This is an unacceptable product. I am staying with the flybywire A320.

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AFAIK this instrument freezing only happens with 787 mods installed.

Have you at least checked if the standby instruments were working before quitting?

That said, I don’t know what this problem has to do with the reported bouncing in this thread.