B787 can't land with full flaps

Since the update the b787 cannot be landed with flaps at 25 or full using auto throttle. While on final with a 3 degree glide slope the autothrottle doesn’t keep enough speed and it will eventually slow and stall while flying an ils approach on autopilot. In addition, in order to fly the approach with flaps 25 the throttle must manually be at over 90 percent to maintain speed and at full flaps the there is not enough thrust to maintain speed at all even when manually flying on a 3 degree glide slope.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Yep! The flight dynamics are not accurate for the Dreamliner at this time. I too had to spool up the engines to unrealistic power levels to land at full flaps.

Same here on my end . Very unreliable and unrealistic.

I experienced this yesterday. Quite frustrating! Seems to be only the case when you do a full flight/go through the flight phases however as when I was doing some practice approaches using flaps 30 it seemed ok.

no planes can land.

I have experienced this doing both full flights and practice approaches. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update as the 787 is my favorite to fly.

Also, I did send in a ticket to zendesk about it.

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It’s been reported before.
Here is a link, please vote!!

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The issue is that flap drag effects were increased to unrealistic levels in the last patch. This will be worse the heavier you are, and I think fuel burn is still too low so it’s pretty easy to get into an overweight landing situation. I have been landing with flaps 20 most of the time, sometimes 25 if I am on the lighter side and don’t have issues with stalling. This does need to be fixed but the plane is flyable right now.

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I usually disengage Auto-throttle on the 787 on short final with full flaps, and maintain enough thrust manually to have a 0-3 degree nose up pitch on the glideslope.

What weight are you landing at?

I usually never need to look at the weight, as long as the nose attitude pitch is correct on full flaps configuration and landing gear down. That’s the airspeed to maintain using manual throttle.

The 787 has been a mess since the launch, much like the other airliners. However, I find the 787 is the worst which is a shame if you’re like me and paid full price for the sim. I always find myself having to land at nearly full power with flaps full. Anything less, and the 787 will lose way too much airspeed very quickly and then you’ll lose all pitch authority. I find anything less than 150 knots landing will result in this odd behavior. However, I also find that if you land at 150 knots, it feels very floaty and doesn’t want to land. Basically, it just stays in ground effect.

It seems that the physics and aerodynamics of the 787 are still very unrealistic and a mess…


Like Mr. Doorknob said, the flap drag was increased way too much past 20 degrees. Best way to handle landings now until it’s fixed is to keep flaps at 20. You can go down to 25 if you feel you’re coming in too fast, but keep it at 20 or else you won’t have enough airspeed to make it to the runway.

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I’ve reduced my weight and checked for ice. I have stalled out twice attempting to land at 25flaps ILS.

Can’t you try to push the throttle to speed up before it stalls?

Don’t set the flaps to 25; the drag is set way too high until asobo corrects it. 20 is the max currently that allows for sustained flight when landing.

I am with you man only reason I bought the premium version was for 787 feels like a rip off !!!

Is there a topic where we can vote on asobo releasing 787 to 3rd party so they can fix it like FBW did with a320.

Where is the voting topics anyways what a scam pay so much to have a brick for 787 !!!

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You can arrange any wishlist, or bugs and issue section by “Vote”

There are several in there on this issue.

That’s not gonna happen, we can only hope that QualityWings 787 is close to release.