B787 FBW problem when conducting touch & go

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B787 after AAU2 update.

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When conducting Touch and Go, the elevator automatically goes to nose down position without any controller input, and, when accelerated to Vref and started to rotate the aircraft, I pulled the yoke but the elevator are still at down position until I pulled the yoke to full nose up position, the elevator finally started to move upward.

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Just land the airplane then throttle up to about 85% N1 and when reaching Vref, try to rotate the aircraft.

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I don’t think it’s relevant, since the yoke in the aircraft did respond with my movement, but not the elevator.

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I haven’t tried the local circuits before the AAU2 update, so not sure if the problem exists before AAU2

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This problem still exists after the SU13.

Are you disconnecting the auto-pilot? What does your FMA say on landing? It sounds like you are in rollout mode, which will nose down and keep the plane on the centerline automatically during landing rollout until you disconnect the AP.

Thank you for the reply.
The Local pattern was hand flown from takeoff to landing. The autopilot was never connected.