B787 isuues

B787 stalls out of sky at 220 knots??? Whats going on. This since latest patch.

can be a weather issue, try it on clear sky or on any preset. I had the same issue a lot of time while using live weather with bad condtions

Do you also have the [TAB] key issue with the 787? Every time I press the [Tab] key in the 787 I can’t look around the cockpit anymore. It also looks like the keyboard is not responding to the cockpit instruments anymore. Like I can’t set the flaps.
The way out of this is to click into the flight planner if you are lucky and it’s visible (where the pink cross appears) and the then everything works again. This issue only exist in the 787.


I have also noticed on the B787 on climb out on A/P the aircraft starts porpoicing up and down.

Just starting to learn to fly 787 and I have also got porpoising , did you ever find out what the solution is ?

No, and this aircraft is still so bugged, have given up on it. Asobo aren’t interested in fixing it.
Paid extra for the Delux version to get this aircraft, waste of money.
Have you tried the FlyByWire A320NX and the Headwind A330? They are excellent freeware aircraft and are a delight to fly.

I fly the 787 fairly consistently and have relatively few issues which are usually down to the fact that I am not a real life pilot