Back on track function in Bush Trips stopped working

My Back on track function in Bush Trips stopped working. Anyone else has this problem?

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I have never used it but…

On the Nevada bush trip about 50% of the way through the games VFR map stopped showing the route. In fact, the VFR map started to behave quite strangely. There was no route marker anymore and airports would also disappear. Like they blinked in and out of existence.

Not sure if it’s always been like this or its new but at some point I’m sure I saw animated airspace markers. The boxes around airports were blinking? (I think I saw that on the balkans bush trip last month)

Anyway. I just turned off the vfr map altogether, read the course description and used LittleNavmap on another networked PC to help with navigation.

Yes, I tried this function yesterday and it wasn’t working….on the Alaska bush trip. I ended up just ignoring the waypoints and flew directly to the first airstrip on the nav plan, landed there and it logged my completion of that leg.

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