Backcountry seaplane docks in defalt sim?

Now that we have the excellent DHC-2 Beaver in sim I’ve been scratching my float plane itch a bit with some backcountry flying.
I know that on PC there are 3rd party (non marketplace) sceneries that add small float plane docks in the PNW and Canada but, as yet on zbox there’s nothing similar afaik.

So my question is, has anybody found any good examples in the base scenery with actual modelled docks rather than just starting you out in the middle of the water? One of the new loading screens seems to show this, but I’m not sure where it is.

(Also, if any 3rd party developers are reading, I’m pretty sure that an add on alomg these lines would sell well on xbox…:grinning:)

*Sorry, that should be xbox. I haven’t just outed a next gen console, honest!

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LOL. You skipped the awesome Ybox though…? That was a classic!

Sorry I can’t answer your question though - as you say there is tons of choice on PC :frowning:

Would be great if Return To Misty Moorings could be packaged up for Xbox now that it’s “complete” as that fits your requirement perfectly. Maybe you should ask them! :slight_smile:

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I believe that it would be almost impossible to manage the floatplanes from a dock instead of open waters.The default floatplanes have no functioning water rudder so I wonder how is possible to navigate from a dock maybe in windy conditions…Unless the Beaver runs well.

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Thanks for the reply. Funnily enough , I had RTMM in mind when making the post - I used to use it back in the FS2004 days. :grinning:
I might raise the possibility with them, you never know!

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