Backup and restore controller profiles (Store version)

With SU6, one of my controller profiles has been erased. First time that happened to me. Luckily, it was a simple one. However, is there a way to backup AND restore those profiles?

If one of the more extensive ones gets erased, it would be a real pain…

is that on the Bravo??
if so, what I did was to make 2 profiles for each aircraft as I foun d on occasions, one disappeared…hasn’t happened since mind you!

No, it was a different device (actually an Arduino used as joystick). I will try the trick to duplicate the profile.

I have set up OneDrive to backup many of my simulator configuration files so I can retrieve a copy if they are lost or corrupted. Had to use the mklink command to set up symbolic links within the OneDrive folder itself as it doesn’t let you add any directory at will.

Maybe that’s another idea for you :slight_smile: