Backup Control Profiles?

Tried searching for a definitive answer and couuldnt fine one, after the time spent setting my Controls up id like to make a backup of my profiles, anyone know where are they located ?

thank you

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Hey there @Aok7696!

Your control bindings are automatically stored in the cloud under your Microsoft account. Meaning, even after a reinstall, etc. you will be able to access them again.

The possibility of saving these settings, locally, has been requested from Zendesk


Ah ok thank you

Where in my Microsoft account would I find these synced settings? I can’t find them ?

The settings are saved here:

C: \ Users \ xxxxx \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ SystemAppData

WGS subfolder
This data is synchronized with the cloud.
If you need a full Sim reset, you can delete the wgs folder and start the Sim without an internet connection.
Then you can do a complete new configuration. Like a first installation.

Being a newbie, I probably don’t under exactly what’s under “Control Profiles.” I would presume that’s not only the options for Controllers but also the General options, etc.

The other things I’m not clear about is how Control Profiles works with the XPA nature of FS 2020. Does that mean if you go over to your friend’s house and he/she has lots of gaming computers and suggests that you use one so the two of you can fly together in some multiplane experience that you have to take all your controllers with you to hook up to whatever computer you’re going to use to take advantage of the XPA experience? Or do you also have to lug your gaming computer with you for the XPA experience (but then it’s not really XPA, is it?)? Or does the game in the cloud automatically recognize that you’re using your friend’s computer and switch his settings for that computer into your cloud account (in case you don’t like the settings he established for that computer and decide to tweak them for yourself when you’re using his computer in XPA mode??).

What would be nice would be if you could switch between different settings profiles and you could load General settings (with the graphic and data parameters for the sim) separately from Controller settings. Right now it seems you have to manually change on the General graphic settings to try something new and if you don’t like the new version of the settings, you have to manually change them back (I will look to see if there is a Guide on saving settings and restoring them).

Are the settings files manually editable, e.g., xml? That way if we had an xml editor, we might save different settings for graphics separately and just edit them back into the official settings file by copying and pasting over a whole section of the official settings file rather than going through an tweaking settings one-by-one as we do now to test stuff.

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Aha! The Control Profiles are XML files:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<Version Num=“1238”/>
<FriendlyName>2-axis,8button gamepad profile</FriendlyName>
 <Device DeviceName=“2-axis,8button gamepad” GUID="{F07FAF30-E1C8-11EA-8001-444553540000}" ProductID=“8243”>
        <Axis AxisName=“X” AxisSensitivy=“0” AxisDeadZone=“0”/>
        <Axis AxisName=“Y” AxisSensitivy=“0” AxisDeadZone=“0”/>
    <Context ContextName=“PLANE”>
        <Action ActionName=“KEY_AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET” Flag=“4”>
                <KEY Information="Joystick L-Axis Y ">1042</KEY>
        <Action ActionName=“KEY_AXIS_AILERONS_SET” Flag=“4”>
                <KEY Information="Joystick L-Axis X ">1026</KEY>

So, edit away!?..

Although the Controller profiles are xml files, it looks like the General options choices, et al. are binary files. Here’s the beginning of one of the other files that specifies non-controller options (haven’t tried to figure out what type of Options it specifies:

]°cáyöW½Œ† SLEW_STATE_CHANGED a Lk|4; V„]°VÀĵ§— ONLINE_STATUS_CHANGED a Lk|4; V„]°ì¿˜£

I don’t have a Microsoft.KHAlpha_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder.

In my system I have:C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs but it contains no XML files…

Sorry, that was the alpha’s address, The good way:

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs

OK I found it but for those wondering, the files have no names in relation to the controllers and have no xml extension at least on my system.

I could open every file in Notepad++(great freeware but consider a donation if you use it a lot!). In Notepad++, the XML will be clear and you could probably even edit it in Notepad++ if you wanted to try (but I would make a backup copy just in case).

The graphic settings are the part of my profile that I’d like to backup and be able to substitute copies to try different things. Too bad that’s not xml.

Are the achievements also stored in the cloud?

Hard to disagree with this, while i do appreciate MS backing things like this up for me… the option to create one myself needs to be far easier, perhaps an option within the options.


Try editing a profile. The system prompts you to rename the profile when you try to save it. Hope this helps.

This post is out of date

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Yes we can save profiles, what I meant was an option to back them up within the menu to a specific folder of our choosing.
Have lost many a save data due to cloud saves going wonky in the past, but as of now have had no issues with the FS2020 implementation

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You can write your wishes in one area. Maybe it will be taken up.

Has anyone tried switching from the MS Store to the Steam version? I’m on the game pass now, but I think I’ll purchase the Steam version eventually. Will it retain my control bindings using the same cloud or I’ll have to start all over?