Bad FPS while flying over certain VOR/DME navaids


Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

  • Did a test without addons.
  • I used the C152 for testing, as it has limited instrumentation and no digital displays,
    but the issue was also observed with the Carenado Mooney and JF PA28.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

  • No

Brief description of the issue:

  • While flying directly over some VOR/DME navaids, the FPS rate drops to single digits.
    For example this happens over the CCR VOR/DME north of KCCR in the US. The effect is limited to an area of about 1-2 miles around the VOR/DME.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
1/ Open World Map
2/ Search for CCR, scroll down to WAYPOINT, it should be the first result there.
3/ click on it, Set As Departure
4/ click FLY
5/ experience 8FPS

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

  • Ryzen 5 5600X, GTX1070, 32GB DDR4 3600 RAM

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

  • Yes, Ticket ID is #97301

There’s already a thread about this issue caused by Manipulator peaks, here’s one specific example in the thread but there are many locations with this happening:

I’d suggest to merge the threads since they have the same topic and votes for them shouldn’t be split. Most important is that you reported via Zendesk, like I did too.