Bad landscape around LFBR ( Muret Lherm)


The landscape on the west side of LFBR is not real. I practice this airfield in the real life and there is no river at all on the side of the west end of the runway. The village “La Bastidette” and other villages around aren’t drowned under the trees in real as they are in FS2020. I even have some difficulty recognizing the lanscape for the airfield landing circuit. The only water point on the west side of LFBR is the lake of Rieumes in the 240° 5Nm of LFBR, used as a reference navigation point because its W-E orientation but no rivers at all. If you have time to fix that… Thanks !

I suggest you wait until the France update that is coming after the UK update in a few days. See the Q&A where France was discussed.

Ok Thanks !