Bad looking scenery, everything on high-ultra.. melted buildings and low res textures everywhere

My system:
i7 9700k
32gb ram

i have not that bad fps. average 30-40fps in cities… but the scenery looks like ■■■■.

anyone know an solution?

can you post a screenshot from inside the game?

sorry if thats stupid but whats the best way to take ingame screenshots? thank you so far

btw are u from austria? graz? haha i am from vienna

use the snip & scatch programm of windows 10 or if you run a single monitor system:

  • Press the Windows key + PrtScn . This saves the entire screen as an image file. You can find it in the “Pictures” folder, in a subfolder called “Screenshots.”

i will post screenshots in the next 10 min

sorry for so many pics… and i dont know why they are so bright

hope there is one with solutions

can u help?:slight_smile:

do you have HDR enabled?

If HDR is enabled, you will get two screen shots of the same image. 1 looking bright as you posted, another which should be dimmer. check folder where you screen shots are saved to see if there is two captures of the same image.

ok ill do… but u can see the bad quality of the scenery

yes…this is only happening in the screen shot correct? sim looks fine otherwise?

no no… it looks the whole time like this…melted low res textures everywhere… but good fps… i am on high-ultra settings

looks like Hiroshima after the H Bomb

yeah… and my bandwith is okay

it makes we wonder if Microsoft has enough servers to handle the load of people streaming data off the internet at the same time I always wondered about that the first time I heard that they where going to use that technology

can anyone help? i already submitted a ticket

I just took off from KDAB, and the stands at the speedway looked like there had been a major fire. Very ugly! I’m seeing buildings similar to the pictures above in multiple locations.