Bad performance - 3080ti/5900x


Bought my new desktop about a year ago. Flightsimming for years, and recently got into MSFS again after the release of PMDG etc. The performance from my system is, underwhelming. Maybe I’m just too optimistic?


Windows 11

Monitor: Odyssey G9 49"


CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

RAM: Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR4 3200MHz 32 GB

SSD: Kingston KC2500 1TB M.2

MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix x570-F


Native resolution: 5120x1440

MSFS resolution: 3840x1080

I have tried tuning town my native resolution to 3840x1080 with no noticable change.

Been flying PMDG737, FBWA320 and lately Black Square B350. My FPS is usually between 20-35, at low density airports mainly in Norway, slightly better at cruise but not much. I was hoping that 35-40 fps would be the lowest my system would do, not the max.

Been playing around with different settings, but even turning the preset to low-end does not have a huge impact.

My graphic settings in MSFS right now:


Terrain detail: 100

Terrain pre-caching: Ultra

Terrain vector data: Ultra

Buildings: Ultra

Trees: Ultra

Grass and bushes: Ultra

Objects detail: 100

Volumetric clouds: High

Texture resolution: Ultra

Anisotropic filtering: 8X

Texture SS: 4x4

Texture synthesis: High

Water waves: Low

Shadow maps: 1536

Contact shadow: 512

Windshield effects: High

Ambient occlusion: High

Cubemap reflections: 192

Raymarched reflections: High

Light shafts: High

Bloom: On

Depth of field: High

Motion blur: High

Lens correction: Off

Lens flare: On

Glass cockpit refresh rate: Medium

Windows 11 and GPU are always up to date.

Only software running in the background is:

Navigraph simlink



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a very similar system 5900x/3080. You’re probably in the same situation as a good chunk of us simmers unfortunately, where we’re all mainthread limited by the CPU. Hence why when you mentioned changing your resolution you get none to very little FPS increases. That’s because your GPU can handle it but your CPU’s mainthread can’t. I’m same situation, My native is 1440p but upping to 4k I don’t really loose any performance in terms of FPS but get more stutters if anything.

But from the FPS you’ve mentioned depending on where you are and what airports you’re at and if other players are about and or if you run AI traffic/Vatsim. 20-35fps is about where I sit most of the time. Sometimes even dipping below 15fps when at Heathrow Inibuilds scenery with the Fenix A320.

I tend to cap my FPS via the Nvidia Control Panel to 35fps and that helps a little with the micro stutters, with the PMDG aircraft anyays, sadly the Fenix for what ever reason is a bit of a stutter fest at large aiports for me (Heathrow, LAX) To which I have to sadly avoid when flying the Fenix a320.

Other than potentially picking up a 5800x3D/13th Gen Intel or waiting for the 7000x3D’s, along with remortgaging your house and getting a 4090 to brute force your way through. Not much else you can really do in terms of raising your FPS.

A 49” 2K screen (widescreen from the dimensions?) is also a lot of real estate…

I have a 12700K/3080ti, 32” 2K screen with literally every setting on full max and I get in the mid-30s at biggish airports.

I’m in a similar position with the 5900X/3090 with the sim on an M.2 drive, settings similar to yours at 1440p. You’d think something like this would make light work of the sim given other’s reports of excellent performance. Nope, 20-30fps throughout flight, even in the middle of the ocean. Dev mode FPS counter shows 30+ ms for CPU frame time which I suspect is what’s bringing the FPS down. GPU frame time is fine and lowering GPU related settings doesn’t make a difference. TLOD seems to be the single largest influence on the CPU. I feel like I’ve tried every combo of DOCP on/off, HAGS on/off, DX11/DX12, TAA/DLSS, driver updates, empty community folder, and full sim reinstall but nothing seems to help. CPU/GPU temps are where I’d expect. I can easily get good performance and low(er) frame times in the default planes (sans A310) anywhere, but the moment I go to a 3rd party airliner things tank. I did see slight gains doing the auto overclock with AMD’s Ryzen Master software.