Bad scenery quality

Hello, Is anyone here experiencing bad scenery quality?
I’ve been trying to fly around Iceland and it’s terrible, the roads are all over the place, bumps in the scenery and terrible textures. Something I did not experience in Alpha.
Keflavik airport - BIKF also causes crash.
Also I flew around Sedona airport - KSEZ and I have to say the scenery quality and textures were very bad as well. Something I did not notice when testing few months back.
I’m running my sim at High-end setting.
Is there anything I could be doing wrong or could it be because of server overload or what is happening??


Have you tried manually caching an area and see if that changes anything for you?

You can perhaps try the manual cache tool and pre-download the scenery for your preferred region. General -> Data -> Manual Cache. Can only do this from the menu, not while flying.

I thought that it wouldn’t be necessary when you have a very good internet connection.
And back in Alpha and Beta everything worked well with streaming the scenery only

I agree it shouldn’t be necessary, but it might help eliminate a few things from a troubleshooting point of view.

With a lot more users now than during the Alpha and Beta, caching may help

Having The same issue here, Ground scenery looks very blurry for me even with Ultra settings, i tried caching but still feel its the same i dont really notice any difference, it doesn’t look like all the videos posted online at all


Agreed. I also noticed scenery bluriness (at ULTRA settings) not very far from the aircraft. Directly below it looks alright.

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Bump to this thread, we need an option to select the quality streamed for surrounding textures. Currently it’s very blurry if not directly surrounding the plane.

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Yeah this confused me. Iv watched a lot of streams over the last few weeks and havnt seen anything like it, blurred surroundings thats arent in the aircrafts immediate radius

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It might not but it has been proven to produce much better scenery regardless of your internet speed. I have Comcast 1gig and I still pre loaded areas.

Same, this is not what we’ve been seeing from the videos pre-launch (beta content), people playing the beta also noticed this downgrade… manually caching the content to the highest quality does not help. It’s somehow the game that stops you from seeing any but blurry textures when zooming.


Can confirm BIKF also CTDs me 100% of the time landing or taking off.

The map servers (are they really Bing, or separate from Bing given the most recent “collaboration” announcement last night on the FS Facebook Page? Anyway…) - are slammed.

When I search for an airport or POI to help center my map - it literally will take almost two minutes for the map itself to resolve from some mono-color into an actual sat map overhead as you expect. And I’m on a residential FIOS connection with excellent bandwidth.

They need to seriously reduce the latency on the server response. I’ve had Cache Build attempts fail for certain areas - literally the UI would say “Yep finished 100 percent” then check my list of caches and the custom name I chose for that map segment is not there.

I never expected my decent connection to be able to support photo quality map scenery streaming in real-time. That’s why I took a couple of hours to cache maps of places I like to fly in. We’d all love it to work for anyone, anytime, but the variances in connectivity, latency depending upon the network routes to our homes,and the sheer number of people now using the service compared to public Beta and Alpha testing, it’s just not realistic.

Yes let’s try to precache a small area and see if it looks way better.

I expect the server end is not keeping up with our streaming demands, so all the details are showing up far too late as we fly.

The landing challenge at Toronto island was the most glaring example of this. Looking out the right window at Toronto, it resembled an atomic disaster covered in jungle. When i flew right up to some of the condominiums only Then did things start to really become crystal clear, i could recognize the exact properties you see when you drive through that area.

Most irritating of all is having 32GB ram, and 200GB allocated for rolling cache, yet I restarted the landing challenge and Toronto was back to an atomic wasteland again. Seriously?

Yes, you should have taken my request to be a tester seriously and not brushed me off. Then you’d have gotten feedback like this a year ago, instead of silent accounts of people playing with TV remotes and leaking footage to foreign websites.

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Additional: Is MS using our GPUs to render the sat views in map cache building?

The reason I ask - I turned on my Steam FPS overlay the other day to get a baseline of in-flight performance while getting some GFX eye candy benefits.

The FPS rate drops to 1-2 FPS while in map cache BUILDING mode- and stays that way. If that’s the case, that’s BS. Pass the Sat View via my broadband connection, not make my GPU and PSU work harder.

All I can say is I get high 20s to mid 30s doing a tour over Manhattan launching from LGA. This is my worst case - 1,000 AGL in between the skyscrapers at The Battery, with some stutters. Given my GFX settings are Globally Low, I didn’t expect things to look great up close, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is using a combo of LQ maps (NJ to Queens) MQ maps (upper and lower Manhattan) and HQ for the skyscraper heavy areas. I can only imagine how bad it would be trying to stream all that.

Manual Cache, Cache, Cache is all I can say. That goes double for folks like me who have minimum spec rigs. Take the streaming out of the equation.

From FSX to FS2020, Southeast Asia countries scenery still looks bad. I hope one day some third party developer out there willing to take the task of updating this side of the world. I don’t even mind throwing away some money.