Bad Taxiway at EDDS

MS Store
No add-ons in Community folder
No Developer Mode

Brief description of the issue:
After WU 6 there are Taxiways at EDDS which are several meters below other Taxiways.

I did not report to Zendesk.

I’ve run all over EDDS and can’t duplicate this issue. Does it always happen??

For me it happens always. The picture was taken when landing at RWY 25 and taking the first Taxiway to the right…

I haven’t seen this issue.

Can I ask 2 questions, that may be relevant to try and diagnose further:

  1. If you use rolling cache have you tried deleting it and then re-enabling it and see if that corrects the issue?

  2. If that didn’t fix it then a follow up, have you installed the WU6 free download from marketplace, Germany, Austria, Switzerland?

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Hi, thanks for your work.
I deleted rolling cache and the issue remained the same.
And yes, i have installed WU6 from the marketplace and this issue did not exist before WU6.
Here another view from the approach to EDDS RWY 25 (i know, I am too high and too fast).

For me it seems that the taxiways are modelled the same height from start to end., the runway is
1181 ft at 25 side and 1267 ft at 07 side.

As you may guess, :wink: , that isn’t right and it isn’t something that I am seeing at EDDS.

Step two then in the process of troubleshooting that I would try, if I was experiencing this, is make sure that I have no other add ons in the community folder that may be conflicting with the scenery there… (there probably aren’t- but worth a check).

I would then go to “content.xml” (for windows store version of the game it is in this directory:
and delete that file and re run MSFS. That will rebuild the file in the correct order for scnery add ons. (Note if you have navigraph then uninstall it first through their nav data centre!- You can install it again later!)

You may also consider deleting all the system generated scenery index files (the .dat ones) that may have been corrupted in this folder:

Re-run MSFS and see if that fixes it. (it may be a slow start up as the scenery files need to be rebuilt)

If that comes up blank then I would delete the folder
found in the Official/OneStore directory either through the ingame content manager or by using windows explorer and then reinstall it from content manager

These are the steps I would be taking

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Thanks for the hints.
I backed up and deleted the content of my community folder before installing WU6.
I’ll try your proposals and give you an answer tomorrow ( I don’t expect an answer at weekends.) Thank you very much so far.

I still have the line

in the context.xml file and i can’t remove it. If I do, it will be there after the next restart.
After deleting context.xml, after restart this line became the last line in the file.
I was searching for ‘justsim’ and ‘edds’ but could not find relevant results.
I think, this is the problem.
Deleting all the .dat files did not help.

Seems .xml content will not show up here.
The line is
Package name=“justsim-airport-edds-stuttgart” active=“true”
without the leading an trailing brackets.

I found the mentioned folder, deleted it, and everything was looking like it should be.
Thanks a lot for you support. (I will never install an add-on from justsim again.)

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I guess having two airport mods for the same airport caused the issue, the now official MSFS handcrafted mod and the one from justsim.
I am glad it got resolved.

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Closed as OP issues resolved.