Badly Needed Camera Views

Dear Asobo First thank You for your hard work

Badly Needed

Views most likely X Plane 11

1- Views ( Still spot )

2-Tower views

3-Move around Cabin and use passenger seat.

Thanks to all


All do-able with the drone

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Is there a way to stop the camera bouncing in drone mode? Like can it be locked relative to the plane? If not that would be a nice feature to make some screenshots easier while in flight.

regarding 3:

There’s a couple wing views in the tubeliners as if you’re looking out the window on an exit row. Other than that, the plane has to have a modeled interior to “move around the cabin” and “use the passenger seat.”

I think a tower view would be cool for the virtual planespotter

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Very very very true

Hello @InertCosine0

There is a main thread to discuss this in #self-service:wishlist. Please participate and vote if you like. This section is for Community Events and Virtual Gatherings. Thanks!